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The Internet is the world's largest advertising opportunity ever, and it is still growing. With billions of people surfing the web on a daily basis, exposure to the public has reached new heights. But sheer exposure aside, online advertising does have several major advantages over traditional advertising.

User Conversion Tracking

Online advertising allows you to track your advertisement's performance. You can see the number of times it has been seen, the number of people who saw it, and the number of times the advertisement has been clicked. But that is only the beginning. You can also see the countries that users came from, and what they did on your site after clicking on the advertisement. Caribarena's advertising options always come with User Converstion Tracking. Our advertising system is powered by Google, and all advertisements are tracked using Google's advanced tracking scripts that ensure maximum accuracy. Contact Us

Better Advertisements

Online advertisements can be made using Adobe Flash (swf). This versatile technology allows for amazing advertisements that can contain more information that traditional advertising. Advertisements can contain “pages” or sections, that flip or fade away and show more information. You can see this effect in our advertisements on Caribarena. Notice how each banner contains a lot of information? Try doing that with traditional advertisements. When you advertise with us, we create custom advertisements for you using swf technology. Contact Us

Click-Through Support

Online advertisements are linked to your website or to a page with more information. This is a useful feature that is often overlooked. Advertisements, both online or traditional, are limited by the amount of data that can be placed within the advertisement. With traditional advertisements, you have to hope that the viewer remembers your advertisement. With online advertising, your website is only a click away. Which means that users will be able to see up on your company, your services, even contact you directly. This presents a clear advantage of print or radio advertising. When you advertise with us, we will always link your banner to a page of your choosing. Don't have a website? We've got you covered. Check out out directory options further down or, if you are looking for a full-featured website, check out Smartnet Ltd's services. Contact Us

Advertising Options

We offer a wide variety of advertising options, including several sizes, packages, and time ranges.

The Small banner is the smallest and cheapest banner on the site. The banner itself is 300x250 pixels and rotates on all categories of the site.

It costs $499.28 for one month, with a minimum contract of 3 months.

However, if choose to advertise for 6 months, the monthly fee is only $449.35.

And if you advertise for a whole year, you get it for only $399.43 a month!




 The Large banner is the largest banner on the side of the website.

Its dimensions are 300x700 pixels, and like our other banners, it rotates on all of the site's categories.

It costs $1,520.21 for a month with a three month contract.

This goes down to $1,368.19 a month with a 6 month contract, and even lower to $1,216.16 a month for a year long agreement.


























The Top Banner is the king of all banners on Caribarena.

Rotating at the top of all pages, it is an ever present and explosive advertisment.

The top banner size is 728x90 pixels, and costs $2,757.24 a month with the minimum three months registration.

The Top Banner costs $2,481.58 if you choose to run it for 6 months, and the price goes down to $2,205.79 if you advertise for a whole year.




The Middle Banner is a bunner that runs only on the front page.

The Middle Banner size is 980x140 pixels, and costs $2,757.24 a month with the minimum three months registration.

The Middle Banner costs $2,481.58 if you choose to run it for 6 months, and the price goes down to $2,205.79 if you advertise for a whole year.








The Foot Banner is a banner that runs between the sections of the site.

It runs on all of our categories, it's size is 630x100 pixels, and costs $1,844.38 a month for three months.

The 6 month package has a monthly fee of $1,658.74, and the yearly option has a monthly price of $1,470.50.


The Mega Banner Package is for those who want a complete advertising campaign.

This package includes one Top or Middle Banner, one Article Advertiser, and a Right small banner.

This package costs $3,950.00 a month for the minimum three month option.

However, the six month package costs $3,553.00. The yearly option for the Mega Banner Package costs only $3,158.00.

The Caribarena Directory is a fantastic alternative for businesses who want an online presence, but don't want to pay for an entire website.

A listing on the directory page guarantees traffic from users browsing Caribarena, and contains fantastic features.

Your listing can be populated with contact information, multiple pictures, a video, an article, and even customer testimonials.

Banners can be linked directly to your directory listing if you advertise with us.

The Directory Listing is free.



Do you want to advertise with us, or are you still unconvinced? Contact Us here.

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