Sailing Week Hosts Art Exhibit

Sailing by Felicia AtanasiuAntigua St John's - Antigua Sailing Week will be holding its first art exhibition during the opening of the week in 2012, in conjunction with Art At The Ridge. 

The exhibition will showcase the best in marine art and photography by well-known Antiguan artists and photographers.

Art At The Ridge supports and promotes local art and crafts, and Antiguan artists and craftspeople. Owner Joy James, who previously worked in an art gallery in London, said she was thrilled to be involved in this joint venture. 

Since opening up a small flagship art gallery at Sugar Ridge Village last year, James has sought to highlight and promote the island’s artistic talent as part of Antigua & Barbuda’s overall appeal.

She said, “This event will highlight even further the emergence of Antigua & Barbuda as a visual arts hot spot in the Caribbean. For years, Antigua & Barbuda has been the home of a large and growing art community, whether locally-born or Antigua-based. We have an amazing wealth of creative talent on this small island - the diversity and range of artwork is extremely impressive, and is perhaps a reflection of our richly multi-cultural and multi-racial society.”

The Marine Art & Photography 2012 exhibition will be held on Sunday April  29 as Antigua Sailing Week opens, from 3 pm to 10 pm, at the Copper & Lumber Store Hotel in Nelson’s Dockyard.

It will feature artwork and photography by well-known Antiguan artists and photographers including Jan Farara, Gilly Gobinet, Naydene Gonnella, Alexis Andrews, and Lucy Tulloch.

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Art Exhibitions - Good Learning Opportunities

#1 John French II » 2012-03-17 09:42

Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock. Friends, CountryWomen/Men, Ouadadlians, Rastas, encourage our children and youths to attend these Art Exhibitions. Somewhere in the Nation another Master Reginald Samuel lurks ready to spring into action and release the dormant talent. Nurture the youths. Accentuate Positive Pursuits.
On Thursday, March 15, 2012 and again on April 11, 2012 @ & 7:00 PM at Abracadabra another exhit of note which will be of interests to Geograhers, Cartographers for Social Equality and Justice, and other Art & Map Enthusiasts.This exhibition was an extensive rare collection and sale of Original engravings and lithographs, facsimile reproductions of historical maps and Antiguan items. Also included are Fine Art Images from Local artists and photographers.
A very interesting piece was an original map of Antigua dedicated to George Moody Stuart and painted by a Camacho in 1933 who lived in St. Thomas. This rare work was found back in England. It details the Census of the day and breaks down the population by Parish. History Buffs, the "Loco Lines" are included. Copies may be purchased from The Museum or The Frame Shop.
Continuous Learning!

John French II

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