Local Sculptor Passionate about History

Osmond HectorAntigua st john's - Speaking with Osmond Hector, it was clear that he is very passionate about his country and those who play major roles in carrying its names into the highways and byways of not only the Caribbean, but the world at large.

Hector had an interest in art at an early age, but took it seriously about 20 years ago, having painted portraits of many of Antigua & Barbuda’s greats including political and sporting figures. Although he likes to do portraits, he said Antigua and Barbuda has a rich cultural heritage which he would like to see more artists seek to preserve through their skills.

It was just about three years ago that he decided to take up sculpting as another form of expression.

"I said to myself let me try my hand at sculpting," Hector said, "and I chose my first piece to be a statue of cricketing great Sir Viv, as following  my research I found out that there are no statues of him from what I see."

This masterpiece took quite a while to come together but was completed just at the right time.

"I started the head, put it down for months, after I did the face, worked on the body. I worked with about 100 different pictures of Sir Viv, getting him from different angles, his features etc. The whole thing was a sort of secret. Then it was last year that I really did the bulk of the work. I said let me just go right through and finish with this, and I don’t know if it was a coincidence or what, but as I was doing the finishing touches, it was just around the time of Sir Viv’’s birthday, and I was so happy to have it completed in time for the celebrations.”

The statue is made of fibre glass, and now stands tall in the museum.

Sir Vivian Richards statue

"I chose to do this as a tribute to him," Hector explained. "I think this great man has contributed a lot in the cricketing world and has really put Antigua and Barbuda’s name out there. I love to depict people who have really had an impact on humanity in some form or another, whether it is in sports, culture, politics, education or any other field.

"I think doing sculptures of these individuals.. they’ll always be there and be remembered for future generations to come and learn about them and their many contributions to the nation of Antigua and Barbuda."

Hector said he believes art should be used as a major tool to preserve a country’s rich history.

"As for me, Sir Viv has inspired me with his achievements," he said. "I mean, I am an Antiguan, and very proud to be, and Sir Viv’s extraordinary cricketing record spoke volumes to our ability as not only Antiguans, but Caribbean people, so this was my humble way of giving back, showing appreciation to this great man.”

Hector said although he still does some painting on a minor scale, doing sculptures is definitely what he’ll be sticking pushing in his artistic career.

"Although it’s time-consuming, I’d definitely like to focus on this," he said. "I feel more at peace and it's more tangible. When you are doing a piece, you have to be determined, erase all doubts, and have perseverance to complete it no matter what. The end result will be rewarding. It’s a good way of expressing yourself."

With Hector’s deepening interest to do pieces of important figures and people who have loads of history and have made invaluable contributions to the nation, without revealing much, he hinted that there are some big projects in the pipeline where this is concerned.

To the “betwixt and between" young sculptor, Hector said, "Young people should go for what they want. Each one of us has a special talent in us, as this little song that most people know, 'This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine'. Find your talent and use it as a means of expression and upliftment of your country, remember persistence can erase all doubts.”

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#6 beauty » 2012-11-27 23:27

This is a wonderful piece coming from our very own . I wish you success in ur future endeavours. I do hope that some form of stipend was given so tha he can continue doing such great work!!!!!!!!


RE: Local Sculptor Passionate about History

#5 Arlene Edwards » 2012-06-18 22:35

Excellent work Ossie! Congrats! All of us (your family) are proud of you!!! Keep pressing upwards!!!

Arlene Edwards

Visual Artist

#4 Melvin Bridgewater » 2012-06-04 21:08

Great 2 c a son of d soil is honouring d rich legacy of our celebrities. Hope u can serve as a platform 4 future talents. Keep it coming. Continued sussess. Live up n b blessed. PEACE!

Melvin Bridgewater

Congratulations and highest commendations

#3 Wayne Watson » 2012-05-29 11:22

A real breath of fresh air ashamedly I have never been to the museum but I will definitely be going to see this piece. I remember the days at the old Ottos Primary on All Saints road when you would just sit and draw it’s great to see you kept up with it and now expanded to sculpting. Best of luck and I hope your positive attitude and dedication to success is an inspiration to others as it certainly was for me.

Wayne Watson

Awesome Work

#2 ED » 2012-05-24 23:00

This is really great seeing this article about you and your work. Wishing you the very best in all your endeavors. Keep moving onwards, upwards - your work clearly speaks for itself. Congratulations!



#1 John French II » 2012-05-19 19:07

Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock. Kudos Mr. Osmond Hector.

Through your Creativity, you have demonstrated that Nation Building in all of its forms requires that Quote:
"Masterpieces are not made in five minutes. It takes hard work, dedication, and lots of determination."
Wishing you Success and All The Best in your future endeavours.

Heaven Help The Nation Of Antigua & Barbuda including Redonda.

John French II

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