Rotary Supports Craft Recycling Project

Participant-burning-beadsAntigua St John's - The Rotary Club of Antigua Sundown is supporting a unique micro-enterprise project aimed at improving livelihoods while contributing to solid waste management. 

The “Beach Bottle Bead Project,” partly funded by the Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network - WIDECAST - will set up a micro-enterprise opportunity for those interested in creating unique craft from recycled glass bottles.

To initiate the project, 11 artisans were trained in the art of creating glass beads from trash glass such as wine and beer bottles and “beach glass”, broken glass bottles often left on the beach, which over time become eroded and smoothed out by the action of the waves.  The artisans were also taught how to mount the beads to create unique jewellery pieces.

Through the “Beach Bottle Bead Project,” the artisans are provided with all the equipment necessary to set up and operate a bottle beads workshop and store, including torches, a kiln, and jewellery-making kits.beach-glass-earrings

 The workshop, located at the Gilberts Agriculture and Rural Development Centre (GARDC), will be made available to the trained crafters at a reasonable fee so that they may continue to create the bottle beads jewellery. 

Arrangements are also being made with the Environmental Awareness Group to create a special “turtle line” which can be sold to raise funds for the EAG’s sea turtle conservation programme.  For more information on the workshop, or to contact the artists, contact the Antigua and Barbuda Handicrafters Association through the Cultural Development Division.

The president and board of Rotary Sundown have said they were excited to assist in the worthwhile venture, as it furthers the club’s demonstrated commitment to the management of solid waste through recycling endeavours, while contributing to sustainable livelihood initiatives. 

Rotary Sundown operates the Antigua and Barbuda Waste Recycling Centre at Powells, which currently recycles waste plastic, aluminium, cardboard, and other materials.

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good work

#3 sunshine » 2011-09-17 10:47

keep up the good work, and be creative so that our tourism product could be indeed special


RE: Rotary Supports Craft Recycling Project

#2 Morris » 2011-09-03 11:29

This is absolutely a great move. Classic example of "one man's trash is another man's treasure."


Great Idea

#1 Buzzbomb » 2011-09-03 09:07

I must say that the earrings in the photo look quite attractive.
Bravo to the artisans and bravo to the Rotary Club Sundown for bringing a great idea to fruition.
Don't want to get mushy here, but Rotarians in Antigua & Barbuda have helped many with medical and other needs over the years and their "Polio Plus" program has made them a worldwide leader in eradicating the disease of polio around the globe. Go ahead....Google it. And the next time you see a Rotarian....shake their hand.


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