Art At The Ridge Hosts Exhibition

Art exhibitionAntigua St John's - Art At The Ridge’s second art exhibition was held on Friday September 23 at Sugar Club. This was the first Juried Art Exhibition - a judged event featuring 17 artists and 35 pieces of artwork. 

Organisers were very pleased with the wide range of artwork submitted, from which a selection was made to create an exciting and interesting exhibition.

The displays ranged from Alex Ireland’s tribute to Amy Winehouse with his oil painting "We’ll Miss You," to Naydene Gonnella’s 4'x6' striking oil and wax painting, "Awareness" depicting a face, which is a current theme of hers, and the prize-winning painting of this event.

The exhibit welcomed newcomer 19-year-old Shanice M LaPierre Armande’s very accomplished pencil drawings of her favourite animals  dogs ("Sweet Jack Russell," "Cute Spaniel" and "Intelligent Husky") and another newcomer, 18-year-old student Carinar Grove, with her acrylic and watercolour paintings ("Life" and "Death").

There were also pieces from Dina de Brozzi, Nancy Offermans, Debbie Eckert, Sallie Harker, Anna Boulton, Gabriela Luery, Jennifer Meranto, Denise Martin, Priscilla Looby, Jackie Phoenix, Glenroy Aaron, Eef Armstrong, and 17-year-old Rashon Osbourne who is still at school. Some are already internationally renowned, while others were unknown until now.

The artwork is now back at Art At The Ridge (at Sugar Ridge), where it can be viewed at leisure.

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