Christmas Card Competition-One School Wines All

Sidney Sandiford's Card2011 Christmas Card Competition-One School Wines All. Art At The Ridge is pleased to announce winners of the island’s 2011 Christmas Card Competition.  This popular annual art competition is open to all schools in Antigua & Barbuda.

It was originally organised by the Bank of Antigua and has now been running for a number of years.
This competition is especially well-participated by schools with a strong art curriculum.

This year, this has resulted in one school winning in all categories.  It has to be said that this school normally produces a large number of winners in various island art competitions, and it has excelled itself in this year’s Christmas Card competition!

All winners and runners-up of the 2011 Christmas Card competition are from Island Academy.  The school, based in Buckleys, is known to have a well-established art curriculum, with full-time and dedicated art teachers in both Primary and Secondary teaching.

The Winners!
Ages 9-10: Jointly - Freya Platts Costeloe and Lorenzo Jones

Ages 11-12: Jointly - Matthew Tubbs and Janet Jack 

Ages 13-14: Emma Kelsick 
Janet Jack's Card
Ages 15-16: Sidney Sandiford

The Runners- Up!
Ages 7-8: Ayesha Andrews 

Ages 9-10: Amelia Hedley 

Ages 11-12: William Hedley

Ages 13-14: Mariah Evanson 

Ages 15-16: Lea Moquet
Ages 17-19: Careisha Whyte

The judges were not aware of students' details until after the winners and runners-up were selected.  Some age categories did not produce an overall winner and so, in order to still be able to print six winning Christmas cards
(and maintain the usual high standard of this competition), the judges picked more than one winner from other age categories. 

Winners and runners-up will receive prizes, and the Christmas cards will be on sale at Art At The Ridge and other participating venues by early December.

Congratulations to Island Academy, all winners, runners-up, and their Art Teachers! 

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