Art Books Donated to State College

Mark-Brown-and-Valerie-SkeppleAntigua St John's - One hundred art books, many of them limited editions, were donated to the art department of the Antigua State College (ASC) by philanthropist Rachel Mellon.

The books will help to form the college’s first art library, and will go a long way in assisting the students with their research projects, explained a very happy Mark Brown, the college’s art tutor.

He noted, "This is an invaluable contribution, as our students often struggle when it comes to research, and having access to material that can inspire their work and give them a more global framework. We cannot thank Mrs Mellon enough for her wonderful gift and this will help us to secure an art library at the college."

Valerie Skepple, administrator of the Mellons' Mill Reef home, spoke on Rachel Mellon's behalf at a brief presentation. “Mrs Mellon is very happy that the books will be used by the art students of Antigua & Barbuda, especially as she has a deep love and appreciation for the art," Skepple said.

The 100 books include books on the life of some of the most renowned artist of the last 400 years, including Leonardo da Vinci, Monet and Picasso, as well as reference books spanning cultures and continents from the Caribbean to the Far East.

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