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DivinityAntigua St John's - A labour of love and fascination for just over seven years, artist Emile Hill will be launching his first collection. The Angels Project explores the realm of angels from various religions and spectrums of life, and is handsomely reflected in Hill’s photography and art.

Featuring an introduction from author Joanne Hillhouse, Hill explains that his fascination with angels began in 1999, when he read Frank Peretti’s Piercing the Darkness and watched the movie City of Angels.

While the Christian novel detailed the types of angels and their functions, City of Angels presented a twist, where angels were given the choice to physically fall from their state of being and live among humans.

The majority of Hill's Angels embody an undeniable human element that may lead to the possibility of angels walking among us. Hill explained that as a child, he remembers inhaling comic books on the weekends, and in this regard, he thought of angels of superheroes. “For me, angels were sort of superheroes, and with their connection to divinity, they were the closest thing to God that also looked humanish.”

The Angels Project also reflects years of Hill’s research on angels from various religions, cultures, and theorists, married to his own artistic interpretation.

One of his pieces, for example, titled “Children of Light,” draws on the theory that angels are beings created from light, and thus through photography, he manipulates light to create such a being.

Satisfied with this journey, which he adds is far from over, Hill admonishes that the main idea he would love people to take from this book is shared fascination for angels. He would love patrons to question their own beliefs and knowledge of angels, share their thoughts, and even continue their own research on the topic.Angels on display

Hill extends his appreciation to his supporters over the years, including his models, assistant Miguel Nation and CAVVE Management.

The Angels Project launches this Saturday, December 3, at the National Museum of Antigua & Barbuda. Hill extended an invitation to the public to attend the event, beginning at 8 pm. For further information call 464-8572 or visit the Facebook page “The Angels Project”.

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