Local Children's Book Launched

Local Children's Book Launched"There is no such thing as too many books, and I hope my book will encourage children to read more and encourage other writers to get involved."

That’s the view of Antiguan author Calesia Thibou, who spoke to Caribarena.com following the launch of her children’s book, “Cadriel and Jadiel: A Day at the Beach”.

She explained, “Cadriel is my daughter’s name and Jadiel will be the name of my next child if I’m to have another one. I was a teacher for eight years, and as an Antiguan growing up, I can’t remember reading a children’s story book of things local that I can relate to. My daughter loves the beach, and during summer it’s hot, and children like the beach and that’s my favourite past time as well, so I thought, why not this theme for the book?”

During the launch, two readings done by two children - a six and a nine year old - were well received.

Thibou, a psychology major studying in Trinidad, said financing the project was a major challenge, but with the help of friends and family, the book became reality.

The author said 100 copies are available here, and more can be obtained on demand. The book can be accessed at the Best of Books and Amazon.com.

Giving a preview of the story, Thibou said, “The book follows Cadriel and Jadiel as they visit the historic Fort James Beach and have a pleasant lunch at Millers by the Sea. It shows how children react to the beach with all their exuberance and unabated excitement, and also shows how the beach is a place where the imagination can run freely. For example, Jadiel talks about swimming all the way out.”

According to the author, “Adults can relate to the days when, as children, they had feeling of invincibility, and this feeling is not diminished by the parents, as the father encourages him to swim as far as he wants, with the proper safety measures in place... floaters."

She added, “I wanted to give Antiguan children an experience that they could really relate to; places that they have been, food that they can eat. I think that this would really make reading come alive for them.”

Thibou, who is in her final year of study, heads back to Trinidad on Monday.

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