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The Best of BooksAntigua St. John's - It’s days/weeks like this that I live for … A few days ago – we got our hands on 10 copies of A History of Antigua by Brian Dyde and within two days they were all gone.

“A West Indian Romance,” the story of the British officer who married Veronica Joseph (her family operated the Nook on St Mary’s Street a generation ago) was also in the box, and now available on our shelves.  

That was the shipment from England earlier this week. Norton’s new book made its way into the bookshop yesterday.

Earlier today, I took note of the fact that dozens of people had again taken part in Joanne Hillhouse’s Wadadli Pen Challenge, and I read the messages tossed around as “seasoned Antiguan writers” prepared to look at the work of these brave souls who dared to put their foot on the first wrung of the ladder. For some it might have been the second or third wrung.

Then the shipment from North America arrived this afternoon and I had to laugh. As Glen opened boxes trying to find the hottest new Antiguan book, “So The Nailhead Bend, So the story end” he found a box from Canada, and convinced that he had found the right box, he ripped it open … it was “The Sacking of Antigua” by R G Dingwall, arriving for the first time, and I remembered a few years ago when a gentleman waited for me to show me his work in progress and asked if I thought people in Antigua would buy a book of that sort.  

Glen moved on to another box and pulled out “A Certain Paradise” by James Ryan. Some of you know him as the monk who facilitates meditation sessions at the Museum on Saturdays. Yes! Another first time book. Yes! I have memories of him editing and asking questions about pricing and delivering and … and …. and now the book is here. Believe it or not we uncovered yet another before we finally got to our pot of gold - “Paradise Commander” by Albert E Hughes who serves at the US Base here in Antigua in the early 70’s.  His memories of our island are now in book format for all to enjoy.

Finally, finally he had it in his hand. Glen pulled the bright yellow book out of the box with a look of triumph (I have the pictures to prove it) and there it was, a collection of over 30 Antiguan writers, including Glen J Toussaint, brought together by Antiguan Dr Althea Prince … All these books join the ranks of the many other ANTIGUAN books already beckoning to people who visit the bookshop, screaming a look me … yet another proud-to-be-Antiguan book.

Congrats to all involved ……… keep on keeping on.
It's Not What You Gather, But What You Scatter That Tells What Kind Of Life You Have Lived!

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good works

#1 mia » 2013-02-28 00:08

i really enjoy these Antiguan writers keep up the good works


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