Book releases spell trouble for Candy and Tori

Candy and ToriCandy and Tori Spelling, like a number of mothers and daughters, have trouble getting along. But unlike most mothers and daughters, Candy and Tori each have a book to promote and each is a Hollywood figure. And when they fight, they do it publicly.
Determining who fired the opening salvo in this latest round of Hollywood drama in the Spelling clan is difficult. But Candy Spelling, the widow of television mogul Aaron Spelling, took her shot at daughter Tori on Monday when she posted online an open letter to her daughter. ”I want to see you and your family - in private, like the ‘normal family’ you say you always wanted,” Candy wrote. “With your book coming out tomorrow, the war of words will escalate. That’s not what I want.”

For the record, Tori Spelling’s book is titled “Mommywood,” and it describes her life as ”just another suburban mom.” Tori is a mother of two. Candy Spelling’s autobiographical book is called “Stories from Candyland” and it came out March 31. All this begs the question, given the fact that the two Spellings’ books came out at about the same time, did they somehow coordinate with each other (even if they don’t talk)? And how much is their fighting meant to generate interest in their candy-spellingbooks?
Tori Spelling told E! News that, even though her mother accuses her of cutting off contact, the ball is in her mom’s court. “She needs to reach out to me, not the public,” Tori told E! News on Tuesday. “She knows how to reach me.”

Candy Spelling has another reason to court public attention. Her Los Angeles mansion is up for sale, at an asking price of $150 million. Experts have said it’s the most expensive home listed in the United States. Tori Spelling has her own opinion on the property. “I want her to sell it!” she told E! News. “There’s a time and place for everything in life. Without my dad (Aaron) there, it’s not the right place for my mom.”

At least they’re still giving each other advice.
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