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Marcel Marshall Marcel Marshall loves to write.  She is also an avid reader and reads anything that stretches her literary muscles. This Bendals native, the last of eight children, learned to write before she even started school.  She always dreamed of writing a book but felt that books were only written by people in first world countries.

This changed after she read Jamaica Kincaid’s Annie John.  This book spoke to her with all the familiar places, sites, and sounds which made her realize that an Antiguan could write a book and be successful.

After finishing Annie John, she began to explore other Caribbean books and authors which convinced her that she could fulfill her dream. The idea for her first book, All that Glitters is not Gold, was born on a bright, sunny morning while Marcel did laundry. In a few flashes of her imagination, she envisioned the plot and put pen to paper.Marcel Marshall book

This book chronicles the life of Te’kare Hulford, a journalist, who falls for a millionaire, Shane Woodberry. Te’Kare leaves her boyfriend to follow the glitz and glamour of dating a rich man while battling her moral judgement of saving herself for marriage. All that Glitters is not Gold has a fast moving plot which is only sweetened by its setting in Antigua.

All that Glitters is not Gold is by no means Marcel’s first and only piece of work. This busy young lady is working on a book of old time Antiguan saying, a childhood adventure book, a romance and a few other projects.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present Marcel Marshall, another talented Antiguan, who encourages other inspiring writers to put their stories to paper, even if it is one line a day. She believes that people are unaware of the impact their stories will have on others, and that every dream is worth achieving.  
Marcel’s book is currently available at Best of Books in St. John’s.
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all that glitters is not gold

#1 juneilia james » 2013-01-29 18:46

i luv this book and its very interesting :lol: :-)

juneilia james

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