Antigua's mark on Agriculture Economy

Blonde_lBrinkmanOne of Antigua’s own has left her indelible mark in the academic world and once again displayed the strength of character, determination, and ambition of Antigua’s people.  
Dr. Blondel Brinkman an Agricultural Economist was born and raised in Barnes Hill has published a book, titled “Farmland Preservation and Conservation:

Dr. Brinkman brings to the world of books deep and thoughtful look at preservation and conservation of farmland in Northeastern America.
Years of hard work, dedication, and study has made Dr. Brinkman a successful Agricultural Economist.

In today’s world of growing concern over food security, environmental conservation, and globalization, Dr. Brinkman is using her talents and skills to help direct policy that will address these issues and concerns.  
The book can be had at: http://www.amazon.com.
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