Chee Chee Takes Pirate Adventure to JA

Pirates at Port RoyalChee Chee, the pet Vervet monkey who stole our hearts in Adventure at Brimstone Hill is back and this time he is taking Mark and Kyle on an adventure to Jamaica in Carol Mitchell’s latest book, Pirates at Port Royal.

Pirates at Port Royal is the second installment in the Caribbean Adventure Series created by Mitchell, who hails from St. Kitts & Nevis. It is based at Port Royal in Jamaica and features the infamous pirate, Henry Morgan.

The book includes the characters that we got to know in the first book in the series, Adventure at Brimstone Hill. Mark, Kyle and Ingrid are modern day West Indian children, who, guided by their pet monkey Chee Chee, are transported magically to adventures in the past. In Pirates at Port Royal, the children become a part of a true and spectacular adventure with Henry Morgan. The children once again have to use their wits to save their lives.

“It is surreal now having two published books,” says Mitchell. “I knew I wanted to write a series but it was still a bit of a risk calling it a series when I did the first book. Now that the second book is actually out there, the series is real and I feel inspired to keep it going.” Carol-Mitchell

The author said it wasn’t difficult to choose where the second book would be based as she knew she wanted to do a story about Kyle’s love for pirates. “The location actually chose me,” Mitchell explained. “I struggled a bit with this. Since I am based in St. Kitts, from a marketing standpoint, it is easier to do the books based here or in Nevis. However, Kyle had to fulfill his pirate fantasy and all of my research pointed to Port Royal.”

“My visit to Port Royal was great. It really helped to cement things in my mind, the excitement the boys would have felt going there,” Mitchell said. “When I write, I am describing pictures that I see in my head, so I was then really able to visualize where they would have gone and so on.”

Easily the most memorable character in each of Mitchell’s books is Mark’s pet monkey Chee Chee. Just as in the first book, Chee Chee shows up unexpectedly and his appearance begins the start of an adventure. “Vervet monkeys are plentiful in St. Kitts, so the inspiration was certainly right in my face. They are also so intelligent and full of mischief, they really lend themselves to this sort of story.”

Pirates of Port Royal is now available on amazon.com. You can learn more about Mark and Kyle’s adventure in Jamaica and Vervet monkeys like Chee Chee by visiting www.caribbeanadventureseries.com.


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