Antigua and Barbuda Literary Festival Cancelled for 2009

Literary festival cancelledCiting a lack of sufficient funding, organizers of the Antigua & Barbuda International Literary Festival announced that the Festival will not go on as planned this year.

“Due to the current economic climate it has been difficult to procure the funds we need. So we have decided to suspend the event for this year,” said Festival co-founder Pamela Arthurton.

Mrs. Arthurton added that most likely they will look at staging the Festival every two years rather than every year.

“That way, we can really concentrate on bringing in the best authors and putting on a valuable and enjoyable event.”


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Lack of imagination

#3 Avid Watcher » 2009-09-30 13:14

It's called lack of imagination and not knowing how to work outside of the box.

Avid Watcher

are u serious Johnny?????????

#2 For Real » 2009-09-30 12:28

But JOHNNY how you expect to cancel the renaming of Boggy Peak when dat is the answer to reviving the Antiguan economy????? Have you lost your mind? eh?

For Real

RE: Antigua and Barbuda Literary Festival Cancelled for 2009

#1 Johnny » 2009-09-30 04:59

First Romatic Rhythms was cancelled, than CArnival was scaled down, and now the Literary Fest is cancelled as well. All because of the economy, or so organizers say. Why are we cancelling everything that could boost the economy but didnt cancel the renaming of Boggy peak?


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