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Nicole Ema Mae FrancisAntiguan born author Dr Nicole Erna Mae Francis has reason to be pleased with her mini book tour. Recently, the author found herself back in her homeland. spreading the message of hope and perseverance in the midst of challenging and trying times.

Dr Francis launched her book and CD project - Poetic Vibes to Help You Thrive - on August 30 before a very receptive local audience. She received rave reviews from Rev Dr Cortroy Jarvis, an author himself and chairman of the Moravian Church East West Indies Province. Rev Jarvis said the book, though easy to read, has much depth and deep nuggets of wisdom to digest.

At the Antigua launch, President of the Senate Hazelyn Francis recited one of Dr Francis' poems entitled, In the Pursuit of Excellence. The media and public response in Antigua was phenomenal. Francis was wooed to contribute to the emotional and social development in her homeland, given her background in psychology and marriage and family therapy, and the work she does in St Maarten through her foundation, Victorious Living.

In addition, First Caribbean Bank purchased 40 sets of Francis' CDs and books for donation to the staff and students of its adopted schools. This was done in recognition of the dire straits many teachers face in staying motivated in the midst of a challenging environment.Nicole Ema Mae Francis

Francis was moved by the gesture and donated a percentage of the sale to the Victorious Living Family and Friends Network, a mentorship programme she developed for youth 5-19 years and their parents.

The book and complementary CD project was first launched on May 9 in St Maarten. Late last month, Francis, the author of “How to Thrive in Trying Times,” launched her book and CD in the Netherlands.

The book tour reiterated the point that similar challenges and struggles plague individuals, regardless of ethnicity, cultural background or nationality.

Francis is encouraging those who are struggling in any area of their lives and feel like giving up, “to remember that the darkest part of the night is just before the dawn, and just when you are on the verge of breakthrough is when situations tend to look their worst, so press on and trust that God has a plan and a purpose for you, through it all.” 

Francis' books and CDs are on sale at Best of Books, the Methodist Book Store and The Map Shop.


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