Lucy Lolly Wants to Visit Antigua

Jean Michael (mother of alicia kern)Antigua St John's - Lucy Lolly has been in hiding for many years, but it is time for her to emerge. This children’s book (ages three to 11) tells the tale of a little girl terribly addicted to lollies.

“For many years, the script for this book has been on the shelf,” says Jean Michael, mother of Lucy Lolly author Alicia Kern. Kern is in Germany staying with her sister, as she has no place of her own.

She has been suffering with Crohn’s disease for the past nine years, and sometimes has to spend weeks in the hospital.

“We finally want to give birth to Lucy Lolly, and we want to bring Alicia home, but we don’t have the finances to do so," Michael explained. "We also need funds to print and promote the book. We have worked very hard, and Mitzie Buckley has done a great job illustrating the book.

Her IP company has established a deal with publishing company AuthorHouse. They have offered to print one hardcover copy of Lucy Lolly and put it on amazon.com and 200 other internet sites for a good price.

Then we need about 1,000 copies of the book to be printed, as that amount is more economical.

But here is the thing. Because of Alicia’s illness, she has been struggling to get work and keep it.lucy-lolly

We so want to make this dream come true, and I know she has at least 10 more Lucy Lollies up her sleeve."

Abracadabra has already promised to stage the launch party scheduled for December 9, and Best of Books is already interested in selling the book.

Although times are hard, organisers are hoping others will feel compelled to step forward and donate money to make Lucy Lolly reality. A local bank has already stepped forward. In total, it will cost about $20,000 to bring Kern to Antigua and take care of the books.

Anyone who wishes to support the project can donate funds to: Alicia Kern, account number: 105603863 at ACB on Thames Street. For further information call Jean Michael at 772-9268.

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#3 Farty » 2012-01-23 17:38

Do it!


Many thanks...

#2 Alicia Kern » 2011-11-15 06:42

... for your kind words and advice.

Unfortunately, I was not consulted on the content of this article previous to posting. Not all of the information is accurate.

The project progresses daily as I continue to consult with sponsors, investors and more experienced local business people. Suggestions and advice are greatly appreciated to assist in the development and marketing of this series of children's books aimed at young Language Learners.

Watch this space and other media channels for more information as the project continues to develop and evolve.


Alicia Kern

What to do next.

#1 Avid Reader » 2011-10-16 11:49

Once they get the book up an running on Amazon it is all about promoting it themselves, they should not wait for people to go there to purchase the book. Promote! Promote! Promote. I will check for it and get a downloadable copy. There are a lot of places that they can do search engine submissions for free.

Avid Reader

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