Chief Magistrate Launches Book

Chief Magistrate Launches BookChief Magistrate Ivan Walters will, this weekend, be launching a book he authored in St John’s. The book is called Education and Cultural Politics: Interrogating Idiotic Education.

The launch will take place on Saturday at 7pm in the upstairs gallery of the Museum on Long Street.

The book, according to a brief review, analyses the cultural politics of education using the theoretical models of discrimination and oppression.

But the two models are set against the backdrop of social evil in relation to Black people in the African Diaspora.

“The book illustrates how the lives of Black people are constructed by slavery and colonialism which have etched their mores into the black psyche,” the review said.

“The black psyche can be deconstructed through conscientization and reconstructed through a non-idiotic, liberatory education using the philosophy of critical redemptive pedagogy,” it added.

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RE: Chief Magistrate Launches Book

#2 j » 2010-07-30 03:14

I hope I can buy it in the states. I am always interesting in renewing the mind of the black man. It is the only we we can over come the effects of slavery and colonization.



#1 Skyewill » 2010-07-29 23:49

maybe he should write about something he know more about like curruption in the legal system in Antigua and its effects on politics. A story of how the rich get away with murder and poor people pay the price. or maybe something on crime and youth and who it affects the economy something that interest real people


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