Mottley Offers Book for Free

Author Marcus Mottley and his bookAntigua St John's - Author Marcus Mottley has made his latest book available on Amazon for free for a limited time. He has dubbed the move a New Year gift.

He released the following instructions on completing the download:

I am inviting you to get my latest book for 0 dollars from Amazon today. Download it to your Kindle  or Kindle App!  This is for a limited time only! Only 32 hours left for this! 

Absolutely no cost except the 30 seconds or less to download it from Amazon.com.

You can download the book from this link.

Don't have an Amazon Kindle?  No problem!! Download the Amazon Kindle App for your
PC, iPhone, Android, iPad, or any Android tablet!!!  0 cost... 32 hours left to do this!

Download the Kindle for PC here.

Get it today! When you get it, Please read the poem "That Shhhhhhht Cart!" And send an email to me about your thoughts on the poem. Also please, do me a favor and write a short review of the book
on Amazon.com after you have read it.

Get the book today... Takes you less than 30 seconds if you have a Kindle, or Kindle App.

If you don't. then the process will take you no more than two minutes to download the no cost App then get the book.

36 hours - then it will be back to its regular Kindle price of $9.95.   Get it now for without paying anything!

Here is the link for the book!

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Kudos to Mottley!

#2 Dig It » 2012-01-15 22:00

Thanks, Mr Mottley! I don't have a Kindle but will surely get the book!

Dig It

Dr. Marcus Mottley - Thanks

#1 John French II » 2012-01-14 15:28

Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock.
Very Much Appreciated.
Much Respect.

John French II

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