Calypsonians Confirm Payment of Prize Monies

Trevor  Antigua St. John's - Trevor  "Zacari" King remains all smiles after receiving his prize money for placing third in this year's calypso monarch competition.

King confirmed he got paid early last week as did several other calypsonians.

"I'm smiling all now because I have something I can eat from. Last year I almost ended up on the endangered list. What made matters worse is that I have a son studying in Trinidad I had to send money for at UWI," he said.

The outspoken calypsonian had denounced the protracted delay in paying prize monies to last year's winners, which was only settled just over a month prior to the staging of 2012 festivity.

He was among those who strongly resisted attempts by carnival organisers to stipulate a registration fee for all competitors in light of money situation. The fee was subsequently scrapped.

Zacari said he does not believe this would be an issue next year.

"I doubt anybody would mind next year because we got paid," he said. "I would pay. It seems a credible administration is running the Carnival Development Committee (CDC) now and it seems that these people will work for us."

Zacari said committee chairman Kayode O'Marde has done pretty well so far and should remain as head of the CDC.

"So far so good." he said while comparing O'Marde to a chef.

"He is stirring the pot pretty well and he seems to be working, so leave him there."

Reigning calypso monarch Keithroy "De Bear" Morson said he was paid last week Friday.

"That is how it's supposed to be. If you work you have to be paid," he said.

President of the Calypso Association Adelza "Lipstick" Sheridan confirmed that  all calypsonians have been paid.

The CDC continues to pay outstanding monies for Carnival 2012.

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RE: Calypsonians Confirm Payment of Prize Monies

#1 Of the Mind » 2012-09-05 08:49

How easy it is for money to have even calypsonians sing different tunes.

Of the Mind

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