Pan Dispute Finally Settled

Pan Dispute Finally SettledAntigua, St. John's - After months of uncertainty and threat of legal action, the dispute over the rightful winner of the Panorama 2011 Title has been put to rest.

LIME Hell's Gate Steel Orchestra has opted to call off its court challenge of the revised results in which it was adjudged joint winner with Digicel Halcyon. It was the first time the title of the carnival competition has been shared.

Spokesperson for Hell's Gate Stafford Joseph said the decision was taken after discussions with officials of both bands and die-hard supporters.

He said though a small number of members are still upset, it was agreed that the 67-year-old band will set an example by heeding the advice not to pursue the issue given the harm it could cause.

"We can't let the view of the minority damage the relationship and take the fraternity back to the situation in the 1970's when the bands were divided," Joseph said. "We see no need to pursue the matter any further; however we hope that in the future this will not happen again."

Hell's Gate was originally judged the winner of last year's Pan competition, but this was changed in March, months after Halcyon cried foul due to the use of the wrong system of judging.

Joseph said band members do not harbour any hard feelings, as was evidenced in the school's panorama competition.

"There's nothing with the pan men. You will always find individuals who try to stir up stuff who are not really concerned about the artform per se and know the history of the artform and the importance of preserving it. However we had to do and say what we said to educate people that we all have rights and responsibilities, and those must be taken seriously in life no matter what we do."

The judging system was changed this year to avoid a repeat, and Hell's Gate claimed its 16th Panorama title.

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...no love lost...

#1 Jumbee Picknee » 2012-11-28 02:43

The sign of a true champion...Nuff Raspect to the People of Point & Villa. You gave plenty to Our Nation with little or no return.

Jumbee Picknee

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