Lunch Time Calypso at the Corner

Lunch Time Calypso Antigua t. John's - “Lunch Time Calypso” at the Wadadli Beer Calypso Corner will begin on Wednesday, June 19, from 11 am to 2:30 pm, and will run every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at the junction of High Street and Corn Alley until Friday July 26.

The Carnival Development Committee (CDC) announced that this is the sophomore year for the initiative, which is organised and executed by the CDC Calypso Monarch Sub-Committee in conjunction with the Calypso Monarch competition title sponsors, Wadadli Beer and Kennedy’s Club Ltd. 

Chairman of the Calypso Monarch Sub-Committee Dion Simmons said his committee sees the lunch-time event as a way to bring calypso to the people, and for the artistes to gain added exposure for themselves and their music.

“This is a win-win situation for all parties, including the sponsors,” Simmonds said. “The series of events supports the airplay, the tent appearances, and other avenues for getting the music out there where the artistes are concerned. It gives the sponsors, who have been investing Carnival and specifically calypso for 13 years, more mileage; and it builds the interest and the hype for the quarterfinals, semifinals and, ultimately, Carnival Sunday nigh.”

The chairman added, “We anticipate that the public will show the same overwhelming support that they did last year, especially since Lunch Time Calypso is centrally located and accommodates most people’s lunch hour.”

The Calypso Sub-committee chairman thanked Wadadli Beer and Kennedy’s Club Ltd for their sponsorship and passion, and the artistes and calypso lovers. Simmons also issued a call for the creation of synergies to ensure that calypso retakes pride of place during the annual festival.

Carnival of Events

June 24th, 25th and 26th     LIME Party Monarch Competition (Quarter-Finals) 
July 5th, 06th and 7th           WADADLI BEER Calypso Monarch (Quarter-Finals) 
July 13th                                   LIME Party Monarch Competition (Semi-Finals) 
July 21st                                    WADADLI BEER Calypso Monarch Competition (Semi-Finals) 

July 27 – August 06. 2013 

July 27th             SCOTIA BANK Opening Parade / Ceremony   
July 28th             LIME Children’s Carnival Mas Band Competition  
                                STATE INSURANCE Junior Calypso Competition 
July 29th             Queen of Carnival 
July 30th             THE SOURCE Teen Splash Competition

July 31th              LIAT Caribbean Melting Pot 
August 01st          ANTIGUA COMMERCIAL BANK National Panorama Competition 
August 02nd       Jaycee’s Caribbean Queen Show 
August 03rd        LIME Party Monarch Competition 
August 04th       WADADLI BEER Calypso Monarch Competition 
August 05th       J’ouvert Morning Mas  
                              Band Competition  
August 06th       Parade Mas Bands


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A good idea

#3 skyewill » 2013-06-19 17:55

I am sure tourist and local people who like this sort of thing will enjoy it. It is new and fresh and some to try. Why not!


It's Carnival Time Again

#2 anderson j » 2013-06-19 13:43

Sounds like a good thing bring kaiso music to the m** @ lunchtime. Hope everyone in Antigua & Barbuda have a safe and wonderful carnival 2K13 this coming from a Trini, living in NYC, who visited your island back in 2K11...God Bless!

anderson j

RE: Lunch Time Calypso at the Corner

#1 Watch & Wait » 2013-06-19 10:06

This does NOT interest me one jot or tittle :-| *yawn*

Watch & Wait

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