CDC Calypso Adjudicating Workshop Well on Its Way

CDC Calypso Adjudicating Workshop Antigua St. John's - The Carnival Development Committee (CDC) would like to remind the general public that the series of Calypso Adjudicators Workshops continues on Saturday June 22nd.

This series of Workshops is extended to ALL persons desirous of becoming Calypso adjudicators.

The Workshops are being conducted over a six-weekend period, which commenced Saturday June 15th, and will conclude on Saturday, July 20th, 2013. These sessions are being conducted at the Ministry of Tourism Headquarters, Conference Room from 09.00am to 1.00pm.

CDC Member Maurice Merchant, the person directly responsible for carnival adjudicators stated “these workshops are specifically geared towards the development of Calypso, while we have our veteran calypso adjudicators returning it was refreshing to see news faces such as musicians Garvin Christopher and Bernard Duplessis. This gives me a good feeling as we make every effort to ensure that calypso retakes its rightful place during the annual festival.”     

“D. Gisele Isaac was the first facilitator to present which was done in an informal conversational type presentation focusing on lyrics. All the participants were totally mesmerized by the incisive presentation as she expounded on the special language of Calypso.  She expounded on the need for there to be a love affair between calypso and the adjudicator in order for them to effectively perform their functions.  I am looking forward to the presentation this coming weekend by Ambassador Anthony Liverpool who is another lover of the art-form,” Merchant stated.     


The remaining workshops will be facilitated by

Saturday June 22nd                           Anthony Mamba Liverpool

Saturday June 29th                           Dr. Ekua Richard

Saturday July 07th                            Mr. Eric “Pink Panther” Taylor

Saturday July 13th                            King Frank-I Francis

Saturday July 20th                            Dorbrene O'Marde 

Persons interested in participating in the Calypso Adjudicators Workshops are welcome to attend. 

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