Miss Beautiful People Queen Of The Band 2013

Miss Beautiful People QueenAntigua St. John's - What started as a simple idea to raise much needed funds for the Beautiful People Mas Band has now turned into a beautiful experience for 8 lovely young ladies.

The lucky eight were Tamorla Millette  ,  Sabrina Joseph, Lenia Joseph ,Wilma Diaz, Akeesha Wilson, Martina Humphreys, Michelle Punter and Loisann London.   Each girl represented one of the 8 sections of the Mas Band‘s theme of “ Le Monde du Papillion” for carnival 2013.

After weeks of intense training in Modeling Skills, Etiquette, Interviewing sessions, Fitness, Hair and Makeup classes, the young hopefuls were poised to take the stage on June 30th , but due to the passage of the tropical storm that week end the show was postponed to Sunday July 7th 2013.

The Girls took to the stage in grand style in 5 segments, four of which were judged. They started the evening in the only non judged category typically called the ice breaker donned in yellow showgirl typed costumes dancing to a choreographed routine to the song BEAUTIFUL ,which fits right in to the nights event. 

Their second  appearance was the swim suit category each delegate displayed   a black and red floral swim wear with red wraps each wearing the identical whole piece swim suit as the other, they were toned and really exuded  the confidence and class of any international pageant

They then appeared in the interview segment, which was a segment all on its own .This segment  was sponsored by Woods Mart who supplied all the clothing the delegates wore. They appeared in Jumpsuits while others  wore cocktail dresses. The colour Palette for this segment was Red, Blue and Black. They all answered two questions one from their Bio’s and one general question. The Delegates were poised and confident and in general handled this segment quite well.

For the fashionista’s the next segment would be considered truly glamorous as each delegate paraded in an evening gown of their choice the only stipulation was the colour of the gown had to be the colour of the section each delegate represents in the band. They appeared in PINK, ROYAL BLUE, YELLOW, BURNT ORANGE, PURPLE, TEAL, RED, and Pewter all the colours of the band’s costumes.

A beautiful experience

As the name states, this is a Carnival band and the next segment was truly the highlight of the evening each delegate displayed the true spirit of Carnival in absolutely gorgeous works of art ,The Frontline costumes of the band. They each had to select and dance to a song by our own Soda Diva Claudette Peters to whom they dedicated this segment. The crowd really got into it singing and waiving in the true spirit of carnival with some even dancing in their seats.

The event was dotted with performances by SOCA Artists DANSKIE, BIKE, NADIA K., LORRAINE, K.LEE and TIZZY with THE SOCA ANIMALS.RICARDO DRU who was scheduled to performed made an unusual appearance to thank the organizers and fans for their love and support but was unable to sing due to a throat issue, which the crown showed back their appreciation with a loud applause. Other performers were ELITE DANCERS,CHARITY HENRY,SARAFINA,RASHIDE WALKER,ROCHELLE ELLI NIKESHA and SHENELLE Simon who did an original Rap piece especially for the show to song BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE by Chris Browne.

The night ended with the Band LEADER taking to the stage to thank the audience ,revelers of the band and most importantly the few Sponsors who came on board to make the show possible notably  ELEGANT STEPS the official shoe provider of the show, SPLINTERS SALON,WOODS MART,CARNIVAL FACES,IKEN GRAPHICS,ISLAND PHOTO,RED REVOLUTION,GLOADES LIMO SERVICES,GI GI INDUSTRIES ,HUTCHINSONS and HADEED MOTORS.

Then came the moment of truth, MISS CONGINIAL –Wilma Diaz, MISS.PHOTOGENIC – Akeesha Wilson, Winner of the SWIMWEAR Segment –Akeesha Wilson, Winner of the Evening Gown Segment –Akeesha Wilson, Winner of the INTERVIEW – Loisann London, Winner of the Costume Segment- Wilma Diaz. This really got the crowd hyped because they were sure they knew who the winner was and so the placements were announced.

2nd Runner up- Wilma Diaz

1st Runner up – Akeesha Wilson 

And the first ever Miss Beautiful People Queen of the Band 2013 –Lenia Joseph

This came as a big surprise to the delegate who had to compose herself since she though she  did not win any segment but proves that consistency wins COMPETITIONS.

All in all the show was a breath of Fresh air and the quality was of very high Standard.

Congratulations to the BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE MAS BAND for something to look forward to annually.

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RE: Miss Beautiful People Queen Of The Band 2013

#2 BEEF » 2013-07-14 06:59

A wonderful production. I enjoyed myself and I was not a pageant person. Congratulations to all the ladies and the team that put on such a wonderful show.


RE: Miss Beautiful People Queen Of The Band 2013

#1 Questions » 2013-07-14 04:48

Another pagent what about one more and you could call it Coming out of the closet.


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