Soca Artistes Hits The Stage

Soca Artistes Hits The StageAntigua St. John's - The Carnival Development Committee has congratulated the following srtistes who have progressed to the LIME Party Monarch Semi-Finals.    

To this end, the CDC would like to invite the general public to come out and support the Artistes as they take to the stage for Semi-Finals on Sunday July 14, at Millers

The DJ’ing competition will begin at 4 pm, while the LIME Party Monarch Semi-finals begins at 6 pm and the entrance fee is $20.
The artists will be performing in the following positions:


The nine soca artistes from each category who get the judges' nod will advance to the final rounds to go up against the reigning monarch, Tian Winter, for both Groovy and Jumpy categories.

The LIME Party Monarch Finals will be held on Saturday, August 3 at 8 pm at Carnival City. The entrance fee will be $40.




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The degredation of our carnival started already

#1 Really Misbehavin » 2013-07-15 22:01

Dont get me wrong. I am an adult and as much as find the Ratti-gan song Golden Cup quite catchy, and I do enjoy the rhythm box and the refrain. I beleive that its not wholesome for radio and public places especially with our kids taking in all those "bad wud" as we say in Antigua. I have tried my best to shield my child from the apparent lyrics (or what it sounds-like), so up to now she hasnt heard the song. But what is interesting to me is that some or most radio station (those with moral-minded managers) have taken a stand to cut the portions of the song once its been played on their station because we all know its not sounding good for general public's ear (radio). I commend those stations (Vybz FM and others....) My next point is. If stations have taken a moral stand. Its left to be seen, if CDC condones this song in its current form. Especially for Childrens Carnival, Teenage Pageant, Monday and Tuesday Mas with all our innocent kids in all their splendour. I am not asking for a ban but the "bad wud" sections of the song should be cut. It is really not sounding good. It doesnt set a good tone for our children. Everybody Jam (Bleep..Bleep) Congrats to rattigan nevertheless

Really Misbehavin

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