Junior Calypso Monarch's Reign

Junior Calypso Monarch's ReignAntigua St. John's - The State Insurance Junior Calypso Monarch Competition 2013 was a smooth transition at the close of a very bright and colorful Lime Junior carnival.

With a decent crowd seated in the stands and scattered on the field of the Antigua Recreation Grounds (ARG), the competition kicked off in fine style.

The Junior Calypso Monarch competition was divided into two categories: Age 5-12 and Age 13- 18. In the former, seven (7) young calypsonians vied for the crown and in the latter, eight (8) teens competed for the coveted title. For more photos www.facebook.com/media/set/

In the Age 5-12 category:

Opening up the “batting” was Superman singing “No Education, No You”. He was followed by Young Contender who sang “Go to School”, and Singing Pookie who gave a rendition of “I am the Future”.

Singing in the fourth position was Singing Black Kayla and her song was titled: “Our Future”. The fifth contender was Singing Shyla with “Sweet Antigua”, followed by Baby Eve with “Say a Prayer for this Country” and closing out the Age 5-12 category was Lady Clair with her offering of “Wrong Direction”.Dramatic M&M

In the Age 13-18 category:

First on stage was A’Shante’ singing “Cultural Sponge” following her was Double J with his song titled “Same Child”. Entering for the third time was Princess Arian with her song ‘What is wrong with Caribbean politicians?” 18 year old Dramatic M&M was the fourth performer and he sang “If I were Prime Minister”.

Singing Daisy sang at position number six (6) with her song titled “Still Standing”. She was followed by K-Kay with her rendition “Way de Hang man gone?” and lastly Lady Bop rounded out the Age 13-18 category of the competition with her song “Don’t go down that road”

At the end of an exciting night of watching young calypsonians keep the art form alive at the State Insurance Junior Calypso Monarch Competition, the following junior calypsonians were judged according to the established criteria below-
State Insurance Corporation Junior Calypso Competition:

Lyrics: 40 points

Music: 35 points

Baby EvePresentation: 25 points At the end of tabulations, the results were final.

Age 5-12 category: 2nd runner up – Lady Clair, 1st runner up- Singing Shyla and the winner first time entrant Baby Eve who also captured ‘Best New Artist’ and ‘Best Stage Performer’.

In the Age 13-18 category: 2nd runner up – Lady Bop, 1st Runner up – A’Shante’ and the winner 14 year old K-Kay.

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