Caribbean Rhythmns Fuse at Melting Pot

Melting PotAntigua St. John's - Dance fever hit patrons at the Antigua Recreation Grounds on Wednesday, and the only way to cool the temperature was to take a sample of the rhythmic medicine available at the Caribbean Melting Pot.

The LIAT Caribbean Melting Pot concert offered up a mixture of musical selection from artists that hailed from Antigua, Trinidad, Dominica and Jamaica.

The Soca divas and Kings included Tonic Band, Claudette Peters, Tian Winter, Nadia Batson, Triple Kay, Asa Banton and Red Hot Flames who brought the soca flavor.

While, King of the Dancehall Beenie Man served up in his own unique way the deep bass and catchy lyrics of dancehall music.

Laurena Davis

Laurena Davis and Tonic band was the first on stage and set the pace for the evening with hits like Mad, Mas and Sweet Bwoy.

Then it was Antigua’s soca darling Claudette “CP” Peters turn.  Starting out with old favorites like Something’s Got a Hold on Me, Flaunt it, Go Claudette and Can’t Stop We, the soca diva successfully got the crowd moving at the ARG.   She finished off her set with new favorites for 2013, like Belong to a Flag, Showtime and Mardi Gras.

Claudette “CP” Peters

Tian Winter brought his A-game with a highly energetic performance featuring ICandy and Iconic band. The soca artist started out his set with one of his 2013 hits “Twerk It” he also sang Roaming, Daring You, Raving and Throw Back.

Later on during his performance Tian surprised the audience when he teamed up with new sensation Ezzy Rattigan whose hit song “Golden Cup” has made him a promising contender for the soca monarch jumpy crown and road march title. The two sparred good naturedly in song on stage, as Rattigan threatened to take the “Golden Cup” from Tian on Saturday.

Tian Winter

Nadia Batson and her all girl band SASS brought the sweet melodies of Trinidad to the concert with a mix of musical hits including her popular track Manager.

Straight from the land of 365 rivers Triple Kay band definitely had the support of Dominicans living in Antigua during their performance. However as their performance got underway it was clear that the group also had a strong following among locals who jumped and waved to the signature sounds of the band.

Asa Banton delivered favorites like Wet Fete and Baby Father.

Performing throughout a heavy downpour, for the first half of his set the King of the dancehall Beenie Man did not disappoint fans who braved the heavy showers to rock and sing along with the popular singer.

Beenie Man proved he is truly a gifted performer and kept the spirits of attendees up despite the unfavorable weather conditions.   His fans also proved their dedication by standing in the rain, swaying and singing along to hits like King of the Dancehall, Ghetto Gal, Old Dog, Gal in a Bundle, Romey, Who Am I and many, many more.

Beenie Man

Red Hot Flames closed out the night with popular hits including new favorite “Robot Technotron.”

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RE: Caribbean Rhythmns Fuse at Melting Pot

#1 Herby » 2013-08-02 14:53

Look grease in that second photo.


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