Hells Gate Three-peat, No Place For Halcyon

Hell's GateLime Hells Gate promised and delivered in fine style taking home the 2013 Lime Panorama championship at Carnival City last evening.

From the count down, there was no doubt that Hells Gate came to win and it was just a matter of time before the judges gave the crown to them.

Cool & Smooth Ebonites pulled off a amazing second place ahead of Carib Seas Harmonites and West Indies Oil Gemonites, both tied for third place.

The much anticipate rivalry between Hell gate and the 'sweetest band in the land' Digicel Halcyon did not materialize.

Halcyon started flat and was never in contention with its rendition of King Short Shirt's "Jamming."

The other band that competed in the six-band competition, East Vibes Steel Orchestra, a band of youth showed tremendous improvement from a year ago.

But the night belonged to Hell's gate.

Playing King Short Shirt's tribute to Sir Vivian Richards, Hells Gate came out of the blocks blazing, similar to Sir Viv, aka the Master
Blaster, and never looked back.

It was a special treat for the fans who saw a 'bunch' of kids execute the rendition to perfection, under the guidance of arranger, Khan
Cordice, who made history in 2009 when he became the youngest musician to arrange for panorama in Antigua & Barbuda.

Thousands came out to witness the competition signaling a return of support for an art form that has survived years of trials and

And it was the years of pan tribulation and the current trials of Caribbean cricket that inspired the choice of Cordice's winning selection.

"I watched the cricket documentary 'fire in Babylon' about seven times and each time I think of steel band and our culture and I decided to perform this tune," Cordice said.

Just 23 Cordice is a beyond his years as an arranger and believes that he has a lot to offer the youth of his community through the art form.

He was extremely pleased with his players who he said did a fantastic job under the circumstances.

"I was not sure if they would be able to execute the tune since they are mostly first time players but they did a fantastic job and I am very proud of them," said Cordice.

With three titles under his belt, Cordice, a student at Northern Illinois University in the United Sates where he is pursuing a master's degree in music is optimistic of the future of Hells Gate and pan in general.

"It can only get better,"he said.

"The youth have shown a lot of promise.

"Not just with Hells Gate but most of the bands are filled with young talent and that is good for pan in Antigua & Barbuda."

Ebonites' rendition of Claudette Peters' Something's Got a hold on me was clean, balanced and well executed, much to the pleasure of Dayne "Wadika" Gomes.

Harmonies it seems led the competition until Hell's Gate and Ebonites completed their renditions.

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#2 Dig It » 2013-08-03 08:55

Congratulations to the young arrange, Khan, and Hells Gate! A very well-deserved win! The youths are very much into pan, and, Khan, sees an opportunity to make them shine, instead of spending thousands of dollars to send for players from TnT, like rival bands (namely, the other band from Point...no personal attack...just the truth)! I remembered years ago, many youths were chased from the pan yards, now they are all over them, and, thanks to Hells Gates, and other bands like East Vibes and Ebonites! By the way, kudos to Ebonites, for placing 1st runner-up and now taken seriously as a contender! Let the pan play!!!!

Dig It

Hells Gate Three-peat, No Place For Halcyon

#1 NIMBY » 2013-08-03 05:22

Congratulations to all the bands that placed but a special shout out to Hell's Gate. Let this be a lesson to all that champions are not made by political manoeuvring, but through hard work and dedication. I hope that you continue to put this discipline and creativity to work so that you can win more championships.


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