Obsti Joins Vintage Showdown Fray

Paul “King Obstinate” RichardsAntigua St. John's - The Wadadli Beer Calypso Monarch show turned up an extra notch Friday with the addition of the other member of the Big Three to the Vintage Showdown on Sunday night.

Paul “King Obstinate” Richards will join Sir McClean “Short Shirt” Emmanuel and Sir Rupert “Swallow” Philo in the four-song tune-for-tune exchange. Each contender, all of whom are former calypso kings, will sing pull from their repertoires two social commentaries and two spirit-of-carnival songs.

“We are anticipating a good competition between the 11 contenders from the crown, and we also know that the rivalry that has continued to exist between three of the world’s best calypsonians will make the Vintage Showdown something for the record books,” said Chairman of the Wadadli Beer Calypso Sub-Committee Dion Simmons.

Marketing Manager for Kennedy’s Club Limited, agents for Wadadli Beer, Neil Cochrane hailed the timing of the showdown.

“The three giants were, this week, named goodwill ambassadors because of their contribution to the art form and how their work helped to highlight Antigua and Barbuda to the world in a positive way,” Cochrane said.

“Like the Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda we, too, realize that these men have helped to create the soundtrack of our lives and record our history. We also acknowledge that their music and their presence still have immeasurable worth. We at Kennedy’s are pleased to be associated with an event that isn’t focused only on the upstarts, but one that takes time to remember those who laid the foundation,” Cochrane added.

Simmons, meanwhile, noted that the sub-committee will honour another calypso elder, Joseph “Calypso Joe Hunte, on Sunday night.

Calypso Joe, the 1971 monarch, is also etched into the history books as the first winner of the road march, in 1970, for the classic Bum Bum.


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