Rum Party Yields Clean Fun

Rum Party Yields Clean FunAntigua St John's - They offered a free venue, free music, and most importantly a free bar for an hour with one of their best products – Mount Gay Rum.

That is how Best Cellars Whine & Spirits attracted hundreds of locals and foreigners to the Reef Garden in English Harbour on Friday night to unofficially mark the opening of the anticipated Sailing Week 2012, with its Mount Gay Rum Red Cap Party.

With solid entertainment steadily delivered by the 1761 Band, and the distribution of Mount Gay Rum red hats, there was no way anyone was leaving the venue – even after the bar stopped being free.


And with a party title with the word “rum” in it, Caribarena.com could not have anticipated the family affair that the seven-hour event turned out to be. Children were littered among the gathering until the event ended.

There seemed to be something for everyone to do including the children as the performers sought to include them in almost every aspect of their acts.

Food and drinks seemed to be unlimited, as was the energy of the dancers and musicians that kept the crowd alive.

“It was amazing. All the girls and I are having a fantastic time,” said one tourist who attended the event.

A Caribbean party isn’t really “Caribbean’ without steel pan performers, and it seems the Best Cellars organisers understood this notion and sought to inject a steel pan team with a twist.

Police presence was second to none, and the incident-free event ended just after midnight with clean fun.

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#2 Nemo » 2012-04-30 22:53

I see that Sailing Week have a recycling recovery in their waste plan....but did not see it at this paarty ! A wah happen all dem use can a coke an ginger ?


RE: Rum Party Yields Clean Fun

#1 Pellucid » 2012-04-30 10:53

Hundreds? It used to be thousands.


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