Dave VJ and Tracy Are Bringing Sexy Back

Dave-VJ-and-Tracy-AustinAntigua St John's - What started as a “one-off” birthday bash last year has now developed into a growing promotion of Antigua & Barbuda.

“Grown and Sexy”, an initiative of UK-based disc jockey/radio personality Dave VJ and Tracy Austin, is again ready to kick off with 10 days of party and fun under the Antiguan sun.

From June 14 to 24, an all star line-up of 10 deejays will bring 80s soul and reggae, rare groove and disco for a mature crowd 30 years young and over. Just like previous times an entourage of over 40 people is coming from England and also a few from the USA and Barbados.

Before we get to what Grown and Sexy is all about we are going to backtrack for a moment.

“It all started in London, England,” explains Dave VJ (which stands for ‘Vinyl Junkie’).  He earned that name as at one point in time he had over 50,000 vinyl records. He has reduced that number to a modest 6,000 since CDs took over. A mere 20,000 of those can be found at his home.

As a deejay, the clubs imposed restrictions as to what sort of music he could play for certain crowds.

”It was clear that the music tastes of people over 30 was not being addressed, so I started to play at private venues and at house parties as well as hosting Grown and Sexy in clubs.

“Before we knew it the crowd grew into the hundreds. Grown and Sexy originates from an old hip hop term which I thought best represented what we are about. We might be grown but we still are sexy and know how to party.”

At one of those parties he met Tracy Austin, who works in the travel industry. Because of her work background, Dave VJ asked her for help organizing flights and accommodation for him and a few friends. He wanted to celebrate his 50th birthday in Antigua, the birthplace of his parents. By the time they reached the Caribbean shores the “few friends” had grown into a group of 42.

Retro party

Tracy quickly changed accommodations and put a package together for all the followers.

“We didn’t want the group to just party, but also experience Antigua as some of them had never even heard of the island before Dave VJ’s birthday,” says Tracy.

“I love this place”, she admits with a big smile on her face. Tracy is now officially in charge of all the Grown and Sexy bookings.

It turned out that not only the entourage enjoyed being grown and sexy. The local response to the birthday bash was overwhelming and attracted over 350 people. For Dave VJ and Tracy, it was reason to throw another one-night event which they did last year October. This time over 250 people showed up.

Dave VJ loves Antigua and Antigua loves him. New Years Day he was back playing tunes at Dennis’s at Ffryes Beach. In February they hit the island with another successful retro party at Sugar Ridge, and Dave also deejayed at the award ceremony this past Sailing Week.

“We want to keep doing this and promote Antigua as a wonderful destination as it is a beautiful place”, says Dave VJ with a twinkle of pride in his eyes.

The duo already has two gigs planned in New York purely to sell Antigua. In their home country they host sit down dinners to talk about and promote Antigua. According to Dave VJ, their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/280154865354665/ is also a wonderful promotion tool.

“The locals have embraced us so well and as long as they are willing to party we are willing to provide one,” says Dave VJ, laughing.

The first party kicks off on June 15 at Abracadabra in English Harbour (9 pm - 3am); entry fee is EC$30.

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One big Grown & Sexy Party

#3 Michele Wright- uk » 2012-06-14 20:17

I was there last year - it was awsome ! I
Went with a good friend and mad lots more friends - partied hard whilst getting the oppertunity to see the beautiful
island . Grown &'Sexy rock!

Michele Wright- uk

Thank You

#2 the truth » 2012-06-13 13:35

Big Up Dave & Tracy! Doing their best for Antigua & Barbuda, bringing people with tourist dollas on planes to enjoy our beautiful islands. A great event, good people, mature crowd and attitude. Son of the soil with wonderful partner Tracy bringing their success back home. Thank You.

the truth

RE: Dave VJ and Tracy Are Bringing Sexy Back

#1 Island Bouy » 2012-06-12 06:28

Disco. Yea, there's Antigua's future right there!

Island Bouy

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