Fete-ish Weekend Energizes Carnival 2012

Colors eventAntigua St. John's - It was a soca fete-ish weekend in Antigua with thousands converging on two separate but certainly equally star-packed and energy-filled events that officially open the gates to the Caribbean’s greatest summer festival – Antigua Carnival.

Sleep was certainly not part of the weekend equation with the likes of the royal couple of soca music Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons, the energetic Skinny Fabulous, Swappie, Red Hot Flames, Claudette Peters, Tizzy Sebastian, Jashan Hughes and Ricardo Drue on the squad for RedEye - and soca queen Destra Garcia, Iwer George and Shal Marshall on the alliance for Power Rumble. They all delivered one-off performances.

The Rotary Club of Antigua managed to successfully execute its all-inclusive flagship event – Colors. AG Justin Simon at the Colors event

And as with anything where thousands of people are packed almost shoulder-to-shoulder in an energy-filled atmosphere with high alcohol consumption, police and security officials were kept noticeably busy.

RedEye, with its more infantile following, attracted a considerably larger number of incidents requiring police intervention than the Antigua Public Utility Authority’s Power Rumble, which seems to have developed something of a settled audience.

The summer festival continues this month with the anticipated Queen of Carnival and Teen Splash competitions. These will lead into the culmination of the Soca and Calypso clashes, and Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

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But wait, Justin ar you dat?


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