Daybreakers – Bloody Delicious

DaybreakersHumans being farmed for blood. If the idea grosses you out, good – it means you’re human. Unfortunately, you should still go watch this movie.

I’m human too, most days, and the thought of watching a vampire blood fest - and yet another world taken over by creatures-type film did not appeal to me. So it’s even surprising for me that I’m now typing a good review about Daybreakers.

The premise is marketed as humans being kept alive solely to supply the dominant vampire population’s lust for blood. For those searching for a more in-depth explanation of that concept, and how those machines in the preview and the poster work, you won’t get it. The average episode of Criminal Minds has more gore than this movie. And I’ve been watching a lot of Criminal Minds lately.

A friend went to see this movie and called me a chicken for not doing likewise. So I decided I had to prove him wrong. Ten minutes into it, I was already squirming and thinking about aborting the mission. I of course texted him to let him know I could not understand how he had sat and watched this icky film. I did type the word “ick” quite a few times.Ethan Hawke and Willen Dafoe

However, I took off my yellow coat and stayed in my seat. Though my mouth did wrinkle a time or two more, another 10 minutes later I was fascinated. This is not the average vampire movie. It’s actually very well thought-out, and it’s hard to find any flaws in the “what if” aspect of the story.

So… what if vampires got their ultimate wish and took over the population? Of course they would eventually have a problem with maintaining supply, since there would only be vampires. That’s where the storyline starts, and it’s interesting to come up with all the resulting possibilities.

Ethan Hawke was pretty good, but Willem Defoe is my hero in this film. He delivers some punchy dialogue too. I still see him as the Green Goblin in Spiderman 3, since his role in this film was too small to erase that. He is such an intense actor though. The other stars in this movie are sort of a blur, though Sam Neill did play a decent villain.

Without a doubt, the ending was superb. My text message after that said, More! More!

If you haven’t seen Daybreakers yet, I have a lovely yellow coat that just might fit you. But I might need it back sometime soon.

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I was curious

#4 Kenny » 2011-01-26 12:31

I do not watch vampire movies or any movie depicting horror or anything of that sort. I watched this movie for two reasons and two reasons only. 1-I was testing Netflix on my xbox and 2-Ethan Hawke and Willem Defoe are two actors I adore. I must admit as the movie progressed, Ethan's acting captivated me I wanted to see more. I was literally caught up in Ethan's delivery than the movie. The idea of having a cure for vampires did not sink in. I give this movie 1 star.



#3 Movie Fan » 2010-02-08 07:58

I commend your improvement popcorn junkie. I can now read your reviews without the plot being completely revealed and am left wanting to watch the movie. I might just give Daybreakers a try.

Movie Fan

Hmm Dax.

#2 Incisor » 2010-02-07 12:43

Interesting. Food for thought. :P


Humans being farmed for blood

#1 Dax Rebel » 2010-02-07 01:22

For those who think this is far-fetched, Haiti was a prime market for private clinics in the US to purchase blood at rock-bottom prices. The cheap Haitian blood was then sold on the US market for one hundred times the purchase price. With this earthquake dilemma, and widespread poverty and hunger, there just might be a reduction in the purchase price, making it a golden harvest for the Blood Farmers. The only difference in this case, is that the VAMPIRES are real.

Dax Rebel

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