WINAIR Lifts New Movie

The-ClimbWINAIR is being praised for its role in a local movie production. “They gave us wings!” says Mitzi Allen, producer of THE SKIN, about the airline's involvement in their latest movie, due out this summer.

During  production last June, WINAIR carried the lead actors, production crew, and equipment to Barbuda for some on location shooting.

“Our partnership with WINAIR was a crucial part of the film production," Allen said. "The airline transported the cast, crew, and equipment to Barbuda, where we spent two days shooting several scenes. There were 12 of us on the aircraft. It was an adventure for the US crew, who I think up until that point had never been on a small plane."

Schena Drew, WINAIR’s station manager for Antigua, Barbuda, and Montserrat, said, “WINAIR is very pleased to be associated with the production of THE SKIN by HAMAfilms. This was an ultimate opportunity for us to transport the production crew and equipment to our sister island Barbuda, one of our newest additions to our routes.”

The movie, which stars Jamaican film star Carl Bradshaw, Jeff Stewart of The Bill, and Peter Williams, along with Antiguan leads Brent Simon and Aisha Ralph, is the fourth feature film for the couple behind HAMAfilms Antigua - Howard and Mitzi Allen.

THE SKIN, written and directed by Howard Allen, tells the story of a young couple who discover an ancient artifact which changes their lives and unleashes a soucayant.

WINAIR also received some screen time and is clearly visible in the first trailer released for the movie, available on the TrulyCaribbean YouTube channel.

“When it came time to get shots of the plane landing and taking off, the pilots proved to be real pros," the producer said. "No re-takes needed. We can't thank them enough for being so gracious in supporting an industry that is in its infancy in Antigua & Barbuda."

Drew says WINAIR would benefit from the additional exposure as a result of providing strategic support for the production. “This move will bring more heightened awareness to our service. We are a leading safe, viable and reliable regional carrier and with the intended viewership across the Caribbean, this is an ideal way to promote our destinations and our company. I was very happy to have met a few of the cast and Howard and Mitzi.  I wish them every success in their endeavors.”

THE SKIN is expected to debut in cinemas around the Caribbean this summer. Visit the movie blog at http://theskinahamafilm.wordpress.com for a behind the scenes look.

HAMAfilms Antigua received international attention for their first and most profitable film, The Sweetest Mango, followed by No Seed, and Diablesse. The company also recently produced and released the drama series Paradise View, which can now be seen across the Caribbean and in the US on Caribvision.


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#2 bobby » 2010-05-20 21:31

Give us more of Paradise view ,everyone's talking about it,would you continue?


Looks good

#1 DC » 2010-05-17 18:50

I'm impressed by the trailer, and would watch the movie if I had the chance. It seems like a job well done.


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