Award-Winning Caribbean Movie At Deluxe

HUSH-2Antigua, St John's - The award winning HUSH 2 - End the Silence, a movie, written, directed, and produced in Barbados by Step by Step Productions, will be screened in Antigua from Friday March 25 to Sunday April 3 at Deluxe Cinema.

HUSH 2 is the creative genius of Marcia Weekes, who owns the company along with her husband Dave. According to Weekes,

"The company's main objective is to provide wholesome entertainment and edutainment within the Caribbean region and beyond. To date, our movies have been met with overwhelming response in a number of islands."  

Step by Step Productions has created three feature-length movies to date, including HUSH 2 - End the Silence. The other two productions are HUSH1 and HUSH3 - Twisted Innocence. Each of these action dramas takes a look at some of the social issues revolving around the youth in our region  and suggests solutions in ways which are exciting and appealing.HUSH-2

HUSH 2 - End the Silence is a riveting and suspenseful movie depicting the reality of many Caribbean youth. It deals with the sexual abuse of children, violence in schools, and parenting issues.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, and Youth Affairs in Antigua has endorsed the movie, and it is expected that many students will come out to see it. The film has also been endorsed by the Ministries of Education in Jamaica and Barbados,  and has been seen  by 22 high schools in Barbados and 20 schools in Jamaica. HUSH 2 ran for eight weeks in Barbados and two weeks in Jamaica.

Although written for young people, its message is far-reaching and impacts adults, including parents who are strongly encouraged to come out and view the film. 

HUSH 2 has won a UNICEF Award, A NIFCA gold award, and the NIFCA Best Fiction Award.

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