Film Festival Starts This Week

Film Festival Starts This Week Antigua St John's - What do the films Forrest Gump, The Blind Side, American Gigolo, and TV’s Entourage have in common? They all featured performances by celebrities expected to walk the red carpet at Antigua & Barbuda’s door into the future film festival.

Mykelti Williamson was Tom Hank’s best bud Bubba in Forest Gump, Quinton Aaron played the Cinderella role of footballer Michael Oher in Sandra Bullock’s Blind Side, Bill Duke brought his sizable stature to the role of Richard Gere’s pimp in American Gigolo, and Kevin Dillon was brother to main character Vincent Chase in HBO’s Entourage.

Film producer Gary Michael Walters, whose company is behind films like Drive and Legion, is another Hollywood regular expected in Antigua for the November 8 to 13 event, a project of the Motion Picture Association of Antigua and Barbuda in partnership with UK’s Caribbean Film Corner.

Highlights of the festival will include the premier of Memoirs of the Blue, and Ugly, films from Wadadli Studios.

A mix of local (Once in an Island, Working Girl etc), Caribbean (Hush 2, The Other Side of Carnival, 3 Line etc), and international (La Sociedad del Semaforo et al) films complete the line up of screenings.

Numerous workshops – in make-up, camera/lighting, acting, film production, and script writing are also planned, and are open to the general public and free of cost, though spaces are limited.

Find out how you can register for a workshop at www.antiguafilmfestival.com. Visit their website for more on kids day, the Festival’s gala event, and other activities of this one-of-a-kind event.

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