Promise No Promises Keeping Busy

Promise No Promises Keeping BusyAntigua St John's - With a newly launched website, a new television programme, and a new album on the way, you can say that Promise No Promises has been rather busy.

The local artist has come a long way. It might be that other artists make a name for themselves much faster than he did, but in the end it doesn’t matter. He says it is all about persistence and getting there - no matter how long it takes.

Kobla Mentor, aka Promise No Promises, was born in Linden, Guyana and moved to Antigua in 1987. His mother was a single mom who had to raise 10 children with her mother's help.

Promise No Promises is the youngest. He explained that it would have been almost impossible for him not to end up being an entertainer. “My mom was always singing around the house, and my two sisters sang in church," he said. "Singing was part of my life since I can remember, and it comes natural. Some old school tune would always be heard in the house.”

Promise No Promises also plays the guitar; from classic to acoustic. When asked where he came up with his artist name, he answered. “I got it in the days when I was playing soccer. I was a promising goalkeeper and so they started to call me Promise. As a joke, I would reply 'No Promises' when they would call my name.”

After settling in Antigua, the singer/entertainer found himself hanging out with like-minded people who shared his love for singing and music. Over the years, that grew into a successful career that is still growing.

A few weeks ago, he added his website, www.promisenopromises.com, to his curriculum and also his TV programme called Pure Vybz Antigua, which has been on the air since February. The entertainment programme is on HPTV (local channel) every Friday and Saturday from 7 to 7:30 pm. Pure Vybz Antigua also has a Facebook page under the same name, where re-runs of the show can be viewed.

Promise“We realised there was no entertainment programme dedicated to Antigua except from the few things that were in the news," he said. The set-up of the show is simple; Promise No Promises, with a guest host, broadcasts from different locations. They visit parties and live shows around the nation. Then they comment on it. The show is pre-recorded.

“So far, the buzz on the street is that it’s hot. I had a lot of feedback from our Facebook page," the artist said. "Next to our viewers, the entertainment fraternity in Antigua has been very appreciative of the attention.” His music website did well too. In its first week, it had 1,500 hits.

You can download his latest single, "Bring it Come," from the website. “It had some good airplay, and I am very happy the way things are unfolding," Promise said. Bring it Come is a soca crossover single for 2012 Carnival. Promise No Promises launched it early, and plans to promote it through Carnival. You can see the trailer for the official video, which will be out in April, on the website.

The new album from the singer, a mix of soca, hip hop, techno, and dance music, is a work in progress. So far, he has recorded three tracks, and has at least three or four more to go. Look for its release in July.

When I asked him where he gets the inspiration for his lyrics, he was quick to answer: “From everyday life around me. Joy, struggles, and sometimes it’s pure fantasy.

The last single came from Carrez Warner, aka Cobweb. He gave me the rhythm and when I heard it a melody came into my head and the lyrics came automatically. We went into the studio and started singing and recording. We would stop, listen back, and record more, and that’s how a song gets born.”

Look out for Promise No Promises’ new single, "Just Dance," with Amanda Tappin and Link-I.

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#2 kayla » 2013-02-16 14:45

hi promise and peachiz whad up the vybes nice ,,,lol,,, do the dang thing ,,,,,,


PnP Dance Crew

#1 PeachiZ » 2012-06-12 08:48

loving the site ma dan ;-)


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