Mad-T-guans Launch New Music Video

Mad-T-guans Launch New Music VideoAntigua St. John's - Globally, Korean music sensation Psy electrified the world with his horse dance. Locally, something quite similar was achieved when Hard Knaxx exploded on the entertainment scene with his hit song ‘Kentucky’.

The nation was struck by the Kentucky song and dance phenomenon, quite an impressive mark for the young entertainers.

Their entry into the musical arena would not soon be forgotten; certainly not by the party lovers who seemed hungry for their energy, lyrics and dance; nor by the massive crowd which had gathered at Carnival City in 2011 to see who would reign supreme in the party monarch competition. Many had pre-judged the finals and would have no doubt been left sorely disappointed had the results gone otherwise.

The ground was thrown into a wild frenzy and patrons witnessed an energy not previously known to the Antigua Recreation Grounds (ARG); and the excited Hard Knaxx fans would be further pleased, as the song also won the Road March contest.

Since then the group has continued to produce highly entertaining pieces, much to the delight of music lovers locally.

The group’s main aim is to gain international appeal. They have rebranded under the name ‘Mad-T-guans’, and in an effort to grow and maintain presence the group recently launched a new music video titled ‘Slim VS Fluffy’.

Manager of the six-member group Kem Hodge said the song, which goes beyond carnival, has been well received and is a composition which basically tells the preferences of guys.

Hodge said the video in its entirety was produced locally under the direction of Brandon Browne, and may be viewed on YouTube and on CTV.

He also said the Mad-T-Guans are currently working on several other projects, including an event dubbed “Tomorrow Never Dies’ planned for December 31, 2012. The event will be staged at The Palms Restaurant.

More information on the group may be found on their website: www.madtguans.com

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