Carolina Carnival Highlights Antigua

Kenne and flagsAntigua St. John's - As Antiguans anxiously waited to see who would advance to the semi-finals of the prestigious Soca Monarch contest, Kenne Blessin and Fucha Kid, two of the island’s well-known recording artists, were unofficially representing the nation as headliners of North Carolina’s Caribbean Carnival.

Kenne Blessin also took part in this year’s changing of the flag, taking the stage with this year’s Carnival queen winner, who also happens to be originally from Antigua. Their performances are being documented in an online reality show/documentary series entitled Antigua Crossover Tour.

According to Linda Brown, president of the North Carolina Carnival, their contribution helped take the event to a whole new level.

“It was great,” Brown said. “I know I had a really great experience. The band and the stage performers were a real treat because we usually don’t have a band. The crowd has been enthusiastic. It was so good to have them here, so it was definitely electrifying.”

Brown added that with the festival being used as a learning tool, this year, they focussed on educating attendees about Antigua, complete with mock street signs from the island.

“Some of us are born in America but come from parents who are of Caribbean descent,” Brown explained. “We have the opportunity to learn about the island, the flag, and the people. We get to see the national pride and get to see people really celebrate their islands. It enhances our festival and we chose to do it every year. Next year, we will be focussing on the US Virgin Islands, but this year it was all about Antigua.”

The stellar performances in Charlotte came a week after Fucha Kid and Kenne Blessin took the stage at the Charleston Carifest in South Carolina. President Lorna Beck expressed similar sentiments, noting that they both kept the festive atmosphere lively.R-Fucha Kid-, Supa Mario and Kenne Blessin

“They were very well received, and the crowd enjoyed them very much,” Beck said. “We were very delighted they were able to join us.”

“Definitely a lot of love from Carolina,” Kenne Blessin said after his performance. “Plenty of good vibes and that made the performance even better. I really enjoyed the hospitality there, and it was real good to see so many Antiguan flags waving in the air. Caribbean pride is strong in Carolina and it’s an honour to take part in that.”

For Fucha Kid, who visited the Carolinas for the first time, it was a “memorable” experience.
“It’s good to travel to the US and meet people who know who you are and dance to your music,” he said. “Whether it was a club or Carnival event, so far in the journey, I have to say it’s been a great experience going from city to city to meet fans and supporters and share the music. Antigua is a small country, but it is making a big impact, especially through music, in the US.”


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RE: Carolina Carnival Highlights Antigua

#2 Questions » 2013-07-10 06:16

I noticed Kenne not holding an antiguan flag is it because he is afraid that his fellow jamaicans would disown him?



#1 jala » 2013-07-09 07:21

Who sing the song pay me right now? number one calypso for 2013, along with Princess Thailia. They both need to come up with two brand new tunes if they really want to take it all, since their second tune to me is not good enough. Big up always to the King, King Fiah the man with the sweetest calypso voice and always original Wadadli lyrics that no foreign judge can comprehend. Eddie M, Fiah and Panman good to go with both songs. Am actually tired of the Bear and his rendition of calypso, Zacari comes the same way every year with one serious and one where he used a word or term in a different way. Destroyer senior will top Young Destroyer and for some reason Althea and GB songs are a bit off, need to catch their breath, Richie is just Richie and Black Maddi is lets see. So with that said if the judges do their job we will see a brand new Monarch 2013. Princess Thailia this should be you.


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