Hands Up Foundation Pilot A Success

Hands Up Foundation Music And Arts pilotAntigua St. John's - “Life for the HUF Music and Arts Academy students will never be the same. They have all experienced ten (10) days of exposure to a musical instrument, learning a dance routine or getting into character in our drama classes.

Some for the very first time”. Those were the words of Mr. William Dorsett the Program Coordinator of the newly launched Music and Arts Academy, an initiative of the three-year-old Hands Up Foundation, started by Sen. Malaka Parker. 

It was a learning episode for the faculty and contributors of this pilot program, which was to systematize a concept and develop a full after school program that opens in the next school year. 

This ten (10) day pilot program is all in part with the vision of HUF founder Senator Malaka Parker to promote community enhancement through individual empowerment and positive youth intervention as well as to provide an avenue for success and opportunities for the child to excel, who may not be as scholastic.

Commenting on the success of the pilot, Sen Parker stated, “ we knew that this initiative would take root and take shape quickly. What we didn’t know was how hungry the children were. It was an energy, an intrigue, a passion that seamed to grow with each day of the pilot. They wanted to be there. They wanted to learn and in 10 days the tutors have reported phenomenal progress in the children”

In fact two of the tutors, Rico Anthony on drums and Carlos Bridge on guitar have opted to hold additional classes, before the term commences in September, for over 20 students combined who have exhibited exceptional potential and progress during the 10 day pilot.

The HUF Music and Arts Academy ten (10) day pilot was unique. There was an uninterrupted charge of energy and enthusiasm amongst the HUF students. The program offered training in recorder, creative dance, drama, piano, guitar, the steel pan, drums and creative writing. Simply put “they wanted to learn” was the resonating consensus from program director and faculty. 

The HUF Motto: “Teach me to fish” appeared to be if describe in commercial terms a sale promotion. Enrollment was fifty (50) but at the end of the first week it grew to ninety (90) students, who will be the next generation of creative and musical individuals within the grays green community.

The HUF objective includes their belief that with this opportunity and no restrictions, and with proper guidance, these students can be the notables of the Music, Arts and Entertainment Industry in the future. Our motto is simple but profound, said Sen Parker,

“give a man to fish you feed him for a day, teach him to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. Very simply we say, “teach me to fish”, we encourage the transfer of skills, ideas, and opportunities that encourage self-sufficiency, independent thought, a competitive drive and respect for ones self. This is a message that is reinforced daily and the children have come to understand it”. 
Hands Up Foundation Music And Arts pilot

The two week pilot program was a success, and closed on Friday 23rd 2013 to the children putting on an exhibition in various disciplines including a dance and drama production which was well received by parents and other on lookers with delight.

The Academy will open the door to the full after school program that commences on the 16th September, 3:30PM-6:00PM at the home of the HUF Music and Arts Academy, the Greenbay Primary School. Registration opens for the full program September 7th – 14th 2013 and is open to children 7-18 years old, living in the community or attending any of the schools in the community. For more information contact Program Director: William Dorsett 268-720-3120

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RE: Hands Up Foundation Pilot A Success

#2 Antiguan in NY » 2014-04-25 14:21

That's great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !Go Mrs. Parker :lol:

Antiguan in NY

RE: Hands Up Foundation Pilot A Success

#1 Watchin » 2013-10-05 14:13

Gwane Malaka, Big things. Meaningful tings. Uplifting tings


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