New Kenne Blessin Single Drops In US After European Tour

Kenne BlessinAntiguan-Jamaican artist Kenne Blessin was given a hearty welcome by his American fans when he delivered familiar hits like Searching and Cinderella, plus his newly released single Under Mi Sensi at the Vinyl Club in downtown Atlanta.

As the only Caribbean performer on the roster for the evening, Kenne Blessin proved his effortless transition as a bonafide crossover artist with the songs that married pop, R&B, and a hint of island medley with soca and reggae.

“It was extremely well received,” Kenne Blessin said of his first performance of Under Mi Sensi, now available for online purchase. “I wrote it on my recent tour of Europe that included England and Amsterdam. I was completely astonished with the reception I got in England. People sang along with me when I was on stage and fans came up and said ‘as soon as you opened you mouth, the voice matched the record’.”

After three weeks in Europe, Kenne hit Antigua briefly before being called to engagements in Atlanta and at three venues in New York. He also hit the stage with several major Antiguan artists for Antigua Day at Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem, among them soca monarch Tian Winter.

To mark the new phase in his career, he even cut off his signature locks and has added a stylist to his team who is connected to The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Additionally, he’s appeared in magazines, American newspapers, blogs, radio, and his performances were seen on television in several states and across the Caribbean.

“It’s far from a vacation for him,” said manager Patricia Henry of VPJ. “He is working in the studio and on the stage when he’s not taping his reality show and Antigua Crossover Tour. Meanwhile, his team is working behind the scenes in various aspects from publicity to stylists and from bookings to potential endorsements and securing contracts. Right now, America is ripe and ready to embrace Caribbean culture and artists and it’s more than putting on a show. It’s working around the whole artist and instead of going about making music but rather navigating the business of music. And Kenne is doing an awesome job and setting a standard.”

Kenne Blessin admitted that while there have been some ups and downs and a few disappointments in his career, he is going full throttle in order to reach his ultimate goal.

“Collaborating with major artists, landing a label, securing a distribution deal or all of the above,” he said. “That is going to be the ultimate goal. I feel I have the talent and the ability. Now it’s all about being in the right place and the right time and I’m prepared. It’s coming.”

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#3 Jus Bus » 2013-10-12 11:10

big up yuhself Blessin Pushing the musical Boundaries! #nevergiveup

Jus Bus

RE: New Kenne Blessin Single Drops In US After European Tour

#2 Patricia Henry » 2013-10-01 18:32

I totally agree with King Court. We have so much talent in the Caribbean we need to loose some of our ego and remain humble. Kenne Blessin has come along way and he has represented Antigua to the fullest. He needs every support every step of the way. Stay tuned more to come.

Patricia Henry

Keep the faith

#1 King Court » 2013-09-30 12:14

Caribbean talent is on the charts, we need to be supportive and market the available talent. The artist needs to venture out, travel to distant places and promote your work. Try not to look for a big pay out, that will come later, do smaller gigs until you reach your goal.

I support Kenne Blessings talent, heard him several times, and he is full of potential, he will make it. Same goes for Tian, and the many artist that exist.

I know if Burning Flames (BF) had proper management they would be on top of the world. BF created so many hits, however, BF lacked a professional approach to marketing. BF is the greatest jam band ever, no band ever came close.

Kenne, can teach other artist, believe in yourself, never confine your ability, be professional, you can make it! All the best, blessings, keep the faith.

King Court

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