Chekiyah Martin To Perform on 3ABN

Chekiyah-playing-at-the-Potters-Youth-Group's-concertAntigua St John's - Youth pannist extraordinaire Chekiyah Martin will soon be appearing on the 3ABN Kids Time Praise US television show, having wowed host and producer Brenda Walsh last December.

Martin, now a full member of the Potters Youth Group, is slated to attend recordings on May 9.

She is also hoping to be able to travel with the group to South Africa in August to share her talents with that part of the world.

The young pan player performed for Walsh and her sister, Linda Johnson of 3ABN's Tiny Tots for Jesus during a fundraising concert held under the theme, "Rejoice, Give Thanks and Sing".

One of the group's objectives, it said, was to expose these internationally known guests to the talents of Antiguan youth, in the hope that an invitation would be extended.

The television host stood to her feet in a packed Precision Centre on December 19 and said, "I want you to come to 3ABN with that pan and play for the world."

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Visual [email protected]

#3 Melvin Bridgewater » 2012-06-05 01:13

I'm an advocate for the visual & performing arts. Let's continue to discover and support the talented youths of antigua so that they to can carve their names on the walls of graetness like our academic and cultural geniuses.

Melvin Bridgewater

RE: Chekiyah Martin To Perform on 3ABN

#2 Maximum » 2011-05-11 10:45

go girl, all the best.


RE: Chekiyah Martin To Perform on 3ABN

#1 Terry Ephraim » 2011-05-07 23:40

Congratulations, continue to use your God given talent to uplift and inspire others. I pray the Lord will continue to bless you and your family.

Terry Ephraim

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