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NatureIt’s All Quiet

There is no-one around

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Spotlight Please- Kimolisa Mings

Kimolisa MingsExpressions - Poetry In The Pub, brought to you by August Rush Productions, continues this Thursday 11th

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Until Death Do Us Part

Something changed in youWe were so, so very in love

Deep in marital bliss

To take care of me, love me forever and ever

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Catch the August Rush

Linisa and ZahraBy now, you may have heard that poetry nights have been revived. You've probably wondered who or what was

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My Black Man

My black manYou are my man, my Black Man   

Head of the household

Educated, hard-working, strong

Black,  gifted, proud,

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Mother  photo credit: Alfred Eisenstaedt Time Life MagazineShe is MY Mother;

A remarkable woman if there ever was one.

She carried me nine months;

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The Break-In

Break-inThey watched, they waited, they monitor you

By now they know you have six dogs

Two Staffordshire terriers,

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Poetry Returns To The Pub

Poetry ReturnsMissing the spoken word events that have remained inconsistent, but highly favoured, August Rush Productions

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Antiguan Poet launches Album

Rilys Adams She’s always had a way with words; she’s loved them, used them and penned them to express millions of

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A Patriotic Response for 2010

20102010 -  A new year now!

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Winners of Poetry Competition

Poetry competitionThe judges were given less than a week to carefully examine all of the poems that were submitted by a host of

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A Strange Creature

Believe in love ?Do I believe in love?

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The Rape

I was standing proud


All alone in the crowd

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I Have A Dream

A dreamI have a dream is an original poem written by Cocher Josiah, 13years old, 2nd form student at the CKHS,

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Twas An Illusion

An Illusion
I sit still in astonishment, still in disbelief, still in disappointment

Alarm silently strangling the moment,

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Lies- A Prostitute's Song

Prostitute's songSpeak to my soul

But don't tell me the truth

Murmur lies of passion

And everlasting love.

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Black Woman

The Black Woman
Black woman
Surely success-bound

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National Poetry Winners

Poetry winnersIndependence has inspired some fine poets to explore several facets of life in Antigua & Barbuda. Below

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I Am Woman - Anthony PalboI am WOMAN

Respect me

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The Modern State Of Love

LoveThey say love's tainted

When did it spill

Out to the world that

Took away its meaning?

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