My American Dream

The American dreamI hopped on a plane to catch up with this American Dream

But it escaped me.

Bolted off.                                                                       .

Not like a bull or a bear

But a large land turtle

Slipping away across the sand.

It was there, but I couldn’t grasp it.

Too bogged down by saltfish and curry

I needed something fast, from the drive-thru

To hold him by the leg.

‘cept he turned around and bit me.

One hard snap.

Not unlike a few I’ve had from my toothless granny for speaking out of turn.

But how this Dream so bitter?

Not sweet like soursop or ripe plantain.

It’s tangy, can tie up your mouth

Kill your nature like lime.

But I fear I’m addicted.

Goodbye coconut water, hello club soda

Goodbye sun, sea and sand…

Hello hot showers and clothes dryers and things that help you do more in less time.

So now you can play while you work.

But not Frisbee or catcher man

Bowling nuh, and golf

Tennis, and polo ponies

And that kind of stuff

Not your used-to-be-football-now-soccer, or cricket on the beach.

Hello American Dream

But remember

To dream this Dream you must wear dark glasses

And pretend you don’t come from nowhere, but speak good, Queen’s English


How you know so much, dress so good, speak so intelligent-like?

Who’s the dummy?

I’m not sure

The man who abandons leisure

For subway trips and long lines spent going nowhere.

Or the one who shucks technology

To go fishing, or pick mango down the street.

You tell me.

I’m too busy.

Chasing my American Dream.


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You still got it

#6 Kenny » 2011-01-26 12:38

It's a sad situation seeing that the American dream is not for Americans but for us outsiders. The Americans are not dreaming they are living the dream. We on the other hand want that dream to be come a reality. However, the dream comes with a price-we have to give up our island living to have the American Dream.


Dreams / Memories

#5 Tammy Murphy » 2010-11-29 02:47

Sitting inside looking outside, I can not tell where the roof finishes and the sky starts....both are completely white with snow.
Here in Scotland I dream of life back on the warm veranda looking out and listening to the birds. Here i see the birds but can not hear them for I am surround by double glazed windows that allow no sound to penetrate it.
In all places one lives we have the memories of family, friends and places we love. Thank goodness for memories.

Tammy Murphy

My American Dream

#4 Wadadli Lawyer » 2010-11-29 01:57

We are from the land of Wadadli, as we have experienced the same, my husband, children and I have had the opportunity to live in Great Britain and the states. By far the states truly are the land of opportunity having lived in London also. Has the writer not embraced what America has to offer?? When we came to the states my husband and I experienced great difficulties with finding suitable employment. But we worked hard earned our degrees. Those were difficult times and we experienced strains in our relationship it made us work harder with each others endeavors and made our marriage stronger we are now celebrating 15 years of marriage. For all Antiguans living and studying abroad understand you are an ambassador of our country and culture and failure is not an option. We missed our coconut water sea and sand but it will always be in our hearts.

Wadadli Lawyer

@ Just Observing

#3 Morris » 2010-11-28 12:39

Wrong again!


Another Morris

#2 Just Observing » 2010-11-28 12:03

Again, this sounds like the poster, Morris.

Just Observing

Great poetry

#1 A J S » 2010-11-28 11:20

Whoever Dixon is, he or she surely can write.
Simple but very deep.
Shame though you have to settle for club soda. At least something in Antigua is better.
The coconut water you find in America, if you are lucky, is so water down.
Read your other article, do not worry about not finding things in the supermarkets here.
So of them going as far north as North America.

Please other bloggers do not scream at me, just in jest, don't mean to dis the US of A.


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