Young Poets Society Resumes

Young-Poet’s-SocietyThe second term of The Young Poets' Society of Antigua & Barbuda will resume on Saturday, January 15 at The Best Of Books Friar’s Hill branch at the Royal Palm from 1:30 to 3 pm.

Sessions are divided as follows: Writing Techniques; Public Speaking and Expression; and Finding Your Inner Creative Voice.

All activities challenge the minds of the YoPoSAB members, in the hope that the society will be able to create an environment that will ensure the love and development of the literary arts continues into the future. As part of the programme, the participants will also study the works of poets from Shakespeare and William Blake to Maya Angelou, Derek Walcott, and our very own Motion and Joanne Hillhouse.

They will also learn to incorporate music and beats to communicate their messages through the rhythm and sound of their words.

In conjunction with the University of Central Florida’s programme "Writing Across Waves,"  headed by Terry Ann Thaxton who is the founder and director of the Literary Arts Partnership at UCF, all YoPoSAB members have been matched to a UCF creative writing student.

The university students, under the instruction of  Thaxton, are responsible for providing writing prompts to the YoPoSAB members, which will contribute to the completion of assignments that will assist with their development. The society’s members are expected to communicate regularly with their UCF mentors. This UCF programme is also at work in St Kitts.

The first term was great, and the kids have learned so much. Parents interested in registering their children can email the society’s director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 783-4120 and 780-7754.  Also check out the Society's Facebook page titled "The Young Poet’s Society of Antigua and Barbuda," and the blog at http://youngpoetsofantiguabarbuda.blogspot.com. For more information on UCF’s Writing Across Waves programme, check out http://english.cah.ucf.edu/outreach. Membership is free, and open to youths 12 to 17.

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