Lies- A Prostitute's Song

Prostitute's songSpeak to my soul

But don't tell me the truth

Murmur lies of passion

And everlasting love.

Tell me I'm your angel

Not the girl on the corner

That I came to you out of love,

Not money.

Tell me it's good

So good you don't want to go home to your

wife or your lover

That I've touched places

She never did

Gone deeper than your flesh,

That you wish you didn't have to use a rubber.

Let me lie to you

And tell you you're the best

Of just a few

That you're the first man with hands

That lit my candle

With just a touch.

Tell me I'm yours

And I'll tell you you're mine

Until we get up

And go back to our lives.


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#1 Seymour Blackman » 2009-11-19 14:53

Interesting to say the least

Seymour Blackman

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