I Have A Dream

A dreamI have a dream is an original poem written by Cocher Josiah, 13years old, 2nd form student at the CKHS,






I have a dream;

one day poverty would seize

I have a dream; that people would finally agree,

I have a dream,

that all mankind would stand side by side,

I have a dream,

that even the birds and the worms will agree,

I have a dream,

that violence would seize and hatred will be ended

I have dream,

that AIDS will reach its final resting place, and every hurt person will be cured

I have a dream,

that world peace will reign

I have a dream!


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RE: I Have A Dream

#2 someone » 2013-02-03 22:04

:cry: i have a dream too


RE: I Have A Dream

#1 Mom » 2009-11-30 02:21

well done girl, keep on writing...


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