A Strange Creature

Believe in love ?Do I believe in love?

Yes, sir!

I've see one

A long, long time ago

It crawled out of a log

Then went back to hiding

'Twas the strangest creature,

Like nothing I'd ever seen

With hands that could hold on to anything,

And a mouth that couldn't lie.

I know you don't believe me

There's no such thing, right?

But it kept giving pieces of itself

Away to everyone

That why it's so small now

It's hiding

Til it can grow some more

And come out again

It had to have been love

For it didn't seem to reason

It bumped into knives and scissors

Though it knew they were there

They started cutting it down

But love still stood there


As a knight covered in armour

Instead of the frail thing that it was.

I watched it suffer

Left there for dead.

But it raised its head again

And headed for the nearest log

To hibernate.

I wonder if I'll ever see that creature again.


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