A Patriotic Response for 2010

20102010 -  A new year now!

We had enough time to reflect and reminisce,

Chart a better course and improve on the old plan.

I hope all the red and blue politicians see

2010 means no more lip service and empty promises

Just action, integrity and real-life accountability.

No more play-play thing nor dolly-house nonsense.

This is our life, our children’s future

Our Country’s survival – There is still hope for prosperity.

You want US to give a patriotic response?

That is exactly what WE did two elections ago!

If we did not care for our heritage, or our country

We would not have let the Red Birds go!

We are waiting for YOU Blue Birds to hold up your end of the deal.

You have all the evidence – is Derrick who say so.

All the money gone and still nobody get lock up.

YOU collected millions, spent it wildly,

Boasted that the economy was expanding,

Antigua and Barbuda doing well – Mr. Finance told us so!

You got fat, feathered, filthy rich and lived it up!

One week after election – belt-tightening measures and IMF!

What do you take the people for? Duncee-head or Poppy-show?

Are you doing the same like they did? Is that what it is?

Well bite your lip and step hard on your big toe!

Let the Sunshine stop burning the people!

We cannot afford sun-screen or sun-block…

Not enough disposable income to buy even an umbrella

Or a surf-board to survive the big blue wave’s next tremor.

Man, just do what you were put in office to do

And do it fast or the Patriots will simply have to let you go!

We cannot take it anymore… we cannot take it any more!

Born Antiguans Barbudans feel like foreigners in their own land.

The gate is locked but the all the fences are broken down -

Tout monde, Sam and Bag-I come in freely, holding out their hand.

Will there be anything sacred left

Except scraps for the true born and bred Antiguan Barbudan?

Guard our borders;  put back some sanctity in citizenship;

Add some value to OUR National passport;

Clean up the voters list – start registration again.

Let the true Patriotic Nationals have Our say

Stop treating us like imbeciles, non-con-tus-men-tus stupidies

What?  You are afraid to be in opposition again?

Make what was wrong really right

And pray pray pray!

Guillotine is getting rusty – get the criminals out of our sight.

Christmas ham and turkey have already been digested.

Any second now APUA will threaten disconnection

The bailiffs and the collectors will come into play

Telling them that sunshine scorching us up so we cannot afford to pay

Won’t save our skins or keep the tax-men at bay.

Do we let the medical and life insurance policies lapse

Pay the rent, mortgage, or school fee?

Or should we just forget all the rest and

Go supermarket to get food for mommy and pickney?

A patriotic response?

We did that when we voted you in!

Why don’t you be a true patriot?

We thought the mess would have been cleaned up already

With the sunshine and the big blue wave on which you rode in!

Word on the street is that all the Patriotic Nationals did

Was trade up for more red Birds with bright, bright Blue skin!

At least under the red Birds we actually had money to spend!

2010 has just got to be different.

Lamentations about 28 years in the cold,

Watching, planning and waiting to pounce!

5 years to make a difference -

The hypocrisy, theifing-ness, the politrix

For 2010 – You all should boldly denounce.

It is of utmost importance that you

Show the faithful Nationals that

It was not two steps forward back to square one

Our country’s fate is in your hand

And your political future will depend on the outcome

So give us a Patriotic Response

And make every day in 2010 count!


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Our future generation not overrated our basic survival

#4 Cheryl Philip James » 2010-01-13 02:34

I strongly agree with the comments written by Dr Isaac Newton and respect the comments posted by all others. I am a simpe writer myself and too read poetry written by those who speak from the heart is refreshing. What has resonated from your poem for me, is the impact, bad decisions that are made by politicians, have on our future generation. I have a four year old daughter and I reaslise as she grows the world will be different for her in comparison to what her father and i have experienced. I am fearful but still believe that God is in control. I have made a consencious decision to instil values in her that were taught to me, by my parents: love for people, respect, contentment, honesty, hard work and letting god be the center of our lives. Let me give you my I belive senario: We are human and not perfect beings but we must always be held accountable for our actions good or bad. The world is not complex we are. In spite of limited resources there is enough in the world for everyone. Finding the peace that supasseth all understanding is key to sucess. The world can be a better place if we would just "become the change we want to see". God Bless you Myra.

Cheryl Philip James


#3 Buzzbomb » 2010-01-03 00:22

Although I must admire your talent, I don't agree with the political sentiment in your work.
This government introduced unprecidented taxes on the citizenry and then began a spending spree benefitting only themselves and their cronies. We are much worse off now than we ever were before this group came to power, and our country has regressed as a result.


#2 jump'n'wave » 2010-01-01 19:40

Lots of words, which once distilled reflect the fact that Antigua has become toxic to it's own citizens, and a loose cannon threat on the world stage.

What is needed is another stanza, begging forgiveness for it's effect on the rest of the world, and a humble plea for the British to re-impose adult supervision, before Antigua starves it's own people, or inflicts worse harm on the outside world.


Helping us see connections that otherwise go unnoticed!!!!

#1 Dr Isaac Newton » 2010-01-01 05:23

You demonstrate that the power of poetry is deeply personal and political, daringly propetic and dashingly conscious, but above all, spiritually penetrating and viscerally introspective. Though the focus is on our political culture, leadership dysfunctions and lack of responsible followership, the themes you explore are rich and complex. With eloquence and grace you show that the will of the people to demand more from their leaders is still flourishing. it must now bear fruit in 2010. M. Lake- Hughes may your transformative message resonate with Tout moude, Sam and Bag-I. Thanks for this contribution!!!!

Dr Isaac Newton

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