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Linisa and ZahraBy now, you may have heard that poetry nights have been revived. You've probably wondered who or what was behind that development. August Rush Productions is run by Linisa George and Zahra Airall and is an exciting new venture aimed at giving a booster shot to the performing arts.

This August-born pair, "a rush of creative fresh air" (and fans of the movie by that name) are avid lovers of the performing arts, both theatrical and literary.

After returning home from school and seeing the way other countries had thriving cultures, they wanted to see the same for Antigua. After getting the run around by many key players in the industry, the pair decided that the only way to get things done was to simply do it themselves.

August Rush Productions’ aim is to create more avenues and opportunities for other Antiguans who share this passion. The group, which also holds under its umbrella Zee’s Youth Theater and ZIA Photography, has big plans for 2010.

They started the year off with a bang by reviving regular Thursday night poetry. They also plan to start a youth poetry programme, in hopes that the younger members of society will also have a chance to share their work. Shortly, the duo, who are also a part of Women of Antigua (the group best known for producing the Vagina Monologues) will be directing Women of Antigua’s latest production, "When a Woman Moans," a collection of monologues written and inspired by Antiguan women. The show will replace the Vagina Monologues, for now, which is usually held in the last weekend in March.

After this, a publication compiling poetry, short stories, and photography is also on their plate for this year, as well as a mini festival of performing arts.

August Rush Productions is teeming with enthusiasm, given the success of their first poetry night, which brought out many first timers and regulars. These two talented young women are a true burst of fresh air needed on an island full of talented people who just need a chance to show the world what they can do.

And as usual, it is very inspiring to see young people on the move, using their talents to move the nation forward. Now that you know the deal with August Rush Productions, the next time you see an event produced by them, mark it on your calendar as a must do.


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